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Oh HAPPY, happy days!

Stamper’s Quest Magazine’s website was set to expire tomorrow (5/05/2014) and everything was going to disappear from the internet never to be seen again.  I was so sad to have to let the magazine go, but as I wrote in my good-bye article, things come and go…life happens. Stamper’s Quest began as an inkling of an idea and blossomed into a beautiful flower in a very short time.  We had amazing designers and talented guest designers who shared their special talents and techniques with us month after month for six years.

All this giving and sharing and no one ever asked for anything in return. In my book, these are some of the most generous and amazing people in the world.  And again, I wish to thank you all for contributing to the magazine.  And for all the loyal readers who followed us month after month, year after year…thank you. Without you, we would not have had anyone to create and write for!  What an amazing community of people Stamper’s Quest became.

Well much to my surprise, after posting in a group I belong to on Facebook that Stamper’s Quest would be going away, I got a message from a group member. She was interested in keeping Stamper’s Quest available to the world!  I was pretty much resigned to everything disappearing, so believe me when I say this was music to my ears…well…eyes!  I am over the moon that the magazine will still be available for people to refer to for wonderful techniques, card maps (sketches), and so many tutorials!  The photos alone can inspire the most uninspired!

The new owner of Stamper’s Quest is Pam Upper, owner of Red Rubber Designs. She is in the process of moving the site to her server and transferring the domain name into her name.  It may be a few days before you’ll be able to access the files, and they may be in a little different format, but I am assured they will all still be there in their full glory. All available for you to access!

My thanks, and big hugs to Pam for volunteering to keep Stamper’s Quest alive as a reference for rubber stampers.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

May you all journey far on your creative path!

Bea Rosenleaf
Former Owner/Publisher

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