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Good-bye from the Trail

HeCryingllo friends!

With great sadness, I write this article.

Our new manager/editor, Cathy Peper, sadly had to step down from managing Stamper's Quest.  At this time, due to my schedule and health, I am unable to keep the magazine going. Publishing a monthly magazine is a lot of work!  There are deadlines, planning, editing, publishing and everything runs on a time line. Unfortunately our design team dwindled down to where we weren't able to provide the content you have come to expect here on the trail.

I want to extend big, big hugs to all our designers, former and new. Without your dedication, talents, and beautiful projects,  Stamper's Quest would not have come to be, or lasted for almost 7 years. You all are the most talented and giving people in the world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping to make Stamper's Quest so successful.

And to our loyal readers...you are why we continued to provide a top-notch publication for you!  You came back month after month to see what was new, leave comments, and cheer us on. Without your repeated visits to the Trail, we would not have survived and thrived!

Stamper's Quest was the vision of myself and Stephanie Loomis all those many years ago. Stephanie moved on a few years ago and I stayed on having two manager/editors the past three years. Due to many reasons, I was unable to do the work required to keep SQ running. Without Linda and Cathy, we would have shut down SQ back then. Thank you, ladies, for your dedication in keeping SQ running! I thought I would be able to keep it afloat, but after much soul searching, I realize that I need to step back and focus on me and my family.

I do want to announce that some of the designers are staying together and starting up a craft blog on WordPress and will be publishing various crafty projects...not just rubber stamping or card related! I can guarantee that it will be nothing like Stamper's Quest! Penny Yoder, Grandpa Ken Schneider, Manetta (Netta) Kanefsky, Vickie Kertz, and Regena (our sketch artist and queen of elegance) and myself will be offering all sorts of various crafty projects. Once a month or so, we will share a new card sketch (created by Regena) and offer up some ideas for using the sketch, and once a quarter we will collaborate on a project.  Coming up will be a Christmas project to get your holiday ideas started. These projects won't just be cards!  I can't tell you anymore than that about the project...it's top secret!  You'll just have to go over and sign up for email updates to alert you when we post new projects! Each of us will have our own little corner on the blog contributing our own projects.  You'll definitely want to check it out.  We don't have anything posted yet, but there are a couple of  very special projects coming very soon.  The name of the blog is "We Be Craftin'" and here's the link:   www.webecraftin.com.  We hope you'll stop by for a visit now and then and tell us hello. We love to hear from old friends (and, of course, new ones, too)!

Stamper's Quest will be available for you come and check out past projects at least through April of 2014.  Be sure to print out any projects you may want to refer back to after that time.

Saying good-bye is sad, but closing one door opens another on new opportunities. I am excited for the future and all that it holds.  This is just a new fork in the trail to be explored. Thank you to all of you. Design team members throughout the years, and there have been many of you, readers, and our advertisers who supported the magazine. May your future be bright and bring many beautiful things to your life!

Happy Trails!

Bea Rosenleaf, Publisher




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  1. Sorry that this website is ending. Best of luck in whatever you will do in the future. I'll be sure to check out "We Be Craftin."

  2. I also will miss the wonderful group of ladies who made Stamper's Quest possible.

  3. Hi Bea and designers, I'm so sorry to see the magazine end, but it had a good run while it lasted. I enjoyed the time that I got to spend on the magazine and was sorry when I had to leave. I've kept up with it since then and you guys have made it a wonderful e-mag. Good luck in all your new endeavors and I will be sure to check out your new blog soon. Hugs to all; Linda Selymes

  4. Thank you for all the work you and the designers have put into this.

  5. So sorry to see this end. Thanx for the years of beautiful artwork and all of the inspiration. 🙂

  6. So sorry to hear this. I have definitely enjoyed all the beautiful artwork by all. I first learned of this from Stephanie at a stamping convention and have enjoyed it ever since. Good luck to all.

  7. Sorry to hear that Cathy is unable to continue but I fully understand. Thanks for years of inspiration aand the challenges and creative bursts that came with serving as a design team member. I will see you on the new blob.

  8. Altho I am excited to be part of new chapter....I am very sad to see this close down. I have enjoyed this magazine online for several years. Thank you so much for all the inspiration and all that you offered over the years. Stampers Quest will be missed..