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Multi-Color Embossing-Rena’s View

Completed cardDream
By: Rena Sawatski, Artistic Guide

Finished Card Size 6.25" X 5”

Background (Hero Arts)
Magenta Style (Large Poppy)
Sentiment (Hampton Art)
White (Canadian Scrapbooker Superstock)
Green (Unknown)
Cream (Stampin' UP!)
Pink Pigment (Clearsnap)
Lettuce pigment (Clearsnap)
Cape Cod pigment (Clearsnap)
Magenta pigment (Clearsnap)
Fresh Green pigment (Clearsnap)
Clear embossing (Clearsnap)
White Pigment (Rubber Stampede)
Embossing Powders:
Breezy Blue (Embossing Arts)
Peppermint Pink (Embossing Arts)
Baby Blue (Stamp-N-Stuff)
Bottle Green (Ranger)
Red (Embossing Arts)
Claret Tapestry (PSX)
White (Unknown)
Clear (Stamp-N-Stuff)
Paper trimmer
Heat Gun
Double-sided tape (Sookwang)
Double-sided foam tape (Mac-Tac)
Snow Cap Acrylic dauber (Ranger)
White Paint Pen (Sharpie)
Ribbon (Unknown)


  1. Cut  white cardstock to 6 X 4 ¾ inches, the green to 10 X 6 ¼” and the Cream to 5.25 X  4.50".
  2. Start by inking the background stamp with the Pink at an angle and then add the Lettuce and finally the Cape Cod in the same manner. Stamp on the white cardstock centering it as close to the centre as possible.  Take Breezy Blue embossing powder and sprinkle on the blue area and make sure to shake if off towards the left edge, so that the rest of the stamped image does not get the powder on it.  Sprinkle the Peppermint Pink embossing powder on the pink area of the stamped image in the same way and then finish with the Baby Blue embossing  powder.Embossing Powder
  3. Emboss with the heat gun.  Trim, leaving approximately 1/8" border.Embossed Background
  4. Ink the poppy stamp with Magenta and Fresh Green ink and stamp on the cream cardstock.  Sprinkle Bottle Green embossing powder on the stem and leaf, add some Claret Tapestry embossing powder to the centre of the flower and finally the red embossing powder to the rest of the flower. Emboss with a heat gun. Trim around the flower, leaving a small halo.Embossed Poppy
  5. On a scrap piece of white cardstock stamp the sentiment in white  pigment ink and emboss with white embossing powder. With a stylus and foam tip or a sponge, cover the piece with the Cape Cod pigment ink and emboss with clear embossing powder.
  6. Outline with the white paint pen. Daub some white acrylic paint on the background stamp and tap around the sentiment to give it some dimension.

Assemble the card as follows:

  1. Score the green cardstock, fold in half and attach the background piece with double-sided tape.
  2. Tie a piece of ribbon around the stem of the poppy and adhere double-sided foam tape to the back. Remove backing and attach to the background.
  3. Put double-sided foam tape on the back of the sentiment, with an additional layer on either end. Remove backing and attach to the lower left of the card.

This is a fun technique so I hope you will break out your embossing powders and give it a try!!




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