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Stamping with Found Items


example of card made using found items


Using found items to embellish your stamping
by Nancy Dees

If you have been stamping for a while, you know that embellishments can get expensive.  Sometimes you just can’t find the right item to fit the message you want to convey.  That is why I began to look for ‘found items’ to add to stamping projects.

I am lucky enough to have a recycle type store near me that has the most interesting ‘stuff’. I have included pictures of some of my finds. Most of the items in the first and second photo are pins that were advertising or promotional items: banana, figure in a chair, little row of people, candy button, star and sunflower wooden buttons, fronts of earrings (cats and mosaic). The daisy was originally attached to an ink pin that was advertising a medicine and the scalloped flower was taken from a pushpin.  The figure is from a stained glass painting kit (plastic).  These items were used without altering.jewelry parts, buttons, advertising items100_1220


The next picture contains findings that are great to alter. I use puzzle pieces, plastic chip from a game, fiber disc’s (from a manufacturing plant) metal circle and a clear plastic disc.  Puzzle pieces are great to alter: paint them, heat emboss or layer them to add dimension.  I have even seen a hanging mobile with 3-D fish made from puzzle pieces or holiday related pins to wear. Metal items can be altered with alcohol ink, Krylon paint, or heat embossing.  The fiber discs are light weight, but very sturdy.  You can paint them, use decorative paper or fabric to cover them.  The clear plastic discs have an opaque covering that enables you to stamp on them with Stazon Ink.  You can remove this covering and the clear circle can be added as an accent/focal point when placed over something you want to call attention to.100_1224

Once you begin to see what you can do with found items, you will find them all around.  I have learned to look at everything a second time with the thought “What could I do with this?”  A friend recently dropped by with the printed cellophane wrappers off fresh bouquets because she thought I could use them (and I have!) So turn your imagination loose and grab some junk!100_1226


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  1. Nancy...You are inspirational. I like your ideas with found items!

    Nancy C.