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Playing With Paper

100_1188Playing with paper
by:  Nancy Dees, Artistic Guide

When I first began stamping several years ago, I treated paper like it was priceless.  In fact, I was so careful that most of what I ‘created’ did not feel very creative.  One day as I made another card that looked very similar to all the others; a stamped image, mounted on designer paper and attached to a coordinating card stock, a friend who was visiting asked if paper was very expensive. “Not really,” I replied.  If that was true, why did I treat my materials as if I couldn’t afford to replace them when they were gone?

I had been looking at cards on the Internet and in magazines for quite a while.  Nothing I did had that ‘wow’ factor.  What was the difference?  I used many of the same stamps and bought a lot of the same paper.  Maybe everyone else was just more creative or artistic than me.  I started thinking about actually reading about how people created their cards, not just looking at the pictures.  My first reaction when I read about some of the techniques was that artists were just playing with their paper and other materials.

I took a leap of faith and started trying some things.  I melted crayons onto paper and stamped into them ( not the best thing I ever did).  I played with some sprays, acrylic paints, fibers, recycled materials and almost anything  that could be attached to paper.  I started asking other people what they were doing and then tried my own version of their idea.  As I followed my sense of adventure, I tried more and more different techniques.  Some things turned out very well and some wound up in the recycle bin.  The important lesson I learned was for me to be happy with my art……..it has to be MY art.

some papers I created

some papers I created, used for the final card

I have come to the place where I do not feel wasteful because experiementing with new ideas/techniques/found items is the way to grow.  My creations may not suit everyone, but most of the time, they suit me.


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  1. I think you found the answer to making great cards!