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Complimentary Colors: Marion’s View

Pansies in a Pot – Complimentary Colors

By: Marion Davis, Artistic Guide

Finished card size: Approximately 4” x 7”

Movers and Shakers Sentiment (Papertrey Ink)
All papers for pansies and pot (The Paper Company)
Scraps of paper for Leaves (Cor'dinations)
Memento Grape Jelly and Dandelion (Tsukineko)
Butterfly punch (Stampin Up!)

1.25” Circle Punch (Marvy Uchida)
Flowerpot die, largest of the set (Spellbinders)
Bone Folder
Paper Piercer
Bling as desired


Part 1 – Creating the Pansies:

  1. For each pansy you will need 1 circle as a base and 2.5 butterflies. You can decide how many you want to make to fill your pot. I usually make enough for a few cards and store them until I am ready rather than taking everything out each time. 
  2.  After punching your butterflies, cut each in half.
  3. For each blossom you need 5 petals- 3 in the size you now have and 2 trimmed as in the photo below. I do this with a pair of scissors. 
  4. Sponge the petals with the ink concentrating the color close to the cut points which will be the center of the flower. I also trim my leaves at this point. I just round the point of the heart shape to make it look more like a leaf before sponging. Dampen the leaves and crush them in your hand.  Open them up and sponge them or do that later after they dry. I usually then let them dry overnight (known as the “I’m tired and want to go to bed” method).
  5. Now you may choose to shape the petals. There are several ways to do this. I have been known to dampen the back of the petals and crush them in my hands giving a wrinkled look to all the petals as I do with the leaves. However, in this example I used a bone folder and foam mat (aka old mouse pad).
  6. Using the back of the bone folder stretch and soften the fibers of the two smaller petals and one larger one. This will give a slight curl. Then with the point of the bone folder press small lines along the larger edge of each one to give a ruffled look. Now slightly curl the petals either around a tool such as your paper piercing tool, finger or by pulling the side of the bone folder against the petal. You want the sponged side concave. 
  7.  For the 2 remaining larger petals curl the lobes so the curl goes toward the back… concave on the plain side. You may also wish to shape these petals slightly.
  8. To assemble: Find the center of the punched circle. I do this by folding the circle in half vertically and horizontally. Pierce where they intersect. Then use a paper piercer to put a hole through a stack of several circles. If you decide to use a brad for the center, this will also give you a hole to put it through. 
  9. Arrange the petals in the following order around the hole. The two larger petals that curve backward go at the top and overlap slightly. Adhere in place. I use glue but strong tape works as well. 
  10. Then the two smaller petals go on either side. 
  11. Finally the last larger petal goes at the bottom.
  12. Add the lines radiating from the center point with the matching Grape Jelly marker.
  13. For the center of the flower you may choose any one of the following…a brad, Flower Soft, glitter glue or flocking. I used the flocking because that part of a pansy always looks fuzzy to me.
  14.  Freehand cut leaves from green cardstock. They should be slightly heart shaped with a rounded tip. 

Part 2: Flower Pot assembly:  

  1. Cut 2 pieces of card stock with the largest flower pot in the Spellbinder’s set.   Fold over the rim of one flower pot and trim off the other. Sponge the edges of the folded one with an appropriate color.
  2.  Apply a narrow strip adhesive to the sides of the flower pot up to but not including the rim.
  3.  Now cut a piece of cardstock for the pull out section. The length of this will depend on how many pansies you are using.  Taper the sides to fit into the pot or just cut it straight to the narrowest size of the pot opening. Your decision may depend on the sentiment you choose to stamp inside.
  4.  Stamp your sentiment on the cardstock in a location that will be below the pansies when you glue them to the top of the cardstock. Add a sentiment to the front of the pot as well. 
  5. Arrange the pansies and glue them in place. Add the leaves in appropriate places. I always put one somewhere on the top and write “Pull” on it or people are afraid to pull it and they never see the sentiment on the inside piece.
  6. Add a ribbon around the pot if desired and you are done.

Needless to say that I make these several at a time because it is easier to do a lot while watching TV. I create and store the elements in containers and assemble them when I need them.




Created by Marion Davis

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  1. Your pansies are just gorgeous and I love the potted plant card!!!! 🙂