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Heart Punch Pansy Tutorial

By: Lisa Minckler, Artistic Guide

Hello to you and thank you for stopping in to Stamper's Quest today!  Spring is definitely in the air here in the midwest and I'm seeing all kinds of beautiful flowers that inspire me to put them on my cards. However, I don't have a pansy die cut or punch. So, since it's my favorite flower, I thought I'd figure out how to make one myself. This tutorial is a little picture heavy, but I hope it inspires you to use what you probably already have in your craft supplies and make your favorite kinds of flowers too. Enjoy this tutorial on making pansies from a heart punch!

White cardstock
Concord Crush (Stampin' Up!)
Lovely Lilac (Stampin' Up!)
Lavender Lace (Stampin' Up!)
Heart Punch 1.25" (Creative Memories)
Circle Punch 1" (Creative Memories)
Ink Dauber or Sponge
Mat Pack or Foam Pad (Stampin' Up!)
Paper Piercer (Stampin' Up!)
Bone Folder (Stampin' Up!)
Hot Glue Gun
Fine Tip Marker (Making Memories)
Interference Violet Pigment Powder (Pearl Ex)
Paint Brush
Butter Cup Liquid Pearls (Ranger)


  1. Begin by punching out five hearts.  As you'll notice in the picture below, I don't use a template for the petal appearance since each flower is so unique, but the basic shapes of each petal are shown below.  Cut each heart to a similar shape for petals A, B, and C.
  2. Decide on your flowers colors.  Here I've used a variation of purples.  I tend to use three colors of a similar hue; however, any and all colors are a perfect choice.
  3. Using your darkest color, here it is Concord Crush, color the entire petal(s) labeled C with the dauber or sponge.
  4. Now taking petals A and B, only dab the very tips with the darkest ink you've chosen.  Again, here I've used Concord Crush.  Taking the second color, here it is Lovely Lilac, blend out from the darkest color to create a smooth transition to the next color as seen below.  Also use this color to ink the edges of each petal for A and B.  Lastly, take the third and final color and blend it out from the previous color using your dauber or sponge.
  5. It is now time to shape your petals and give them texture.  Beginning with the C petals (the darkest ones) turn them over on a mat pack or piece of foam and with the wide end of a bone folder, rub over the entire surface of the petal to ensure you are breaking down the fibers of the paper.  Now using the narrow end of the bone folder, start at the tip of the flower and as you gently press down, pull the bone folder toward yourself.  You will notice that the petals start to instantly fold and curve.   Once you are satisfied with the texture of the petal, take your bone folder again and gently bend the C petals away from you.  These particular petals bend backwards whereas the other three petals will fold towards you.
  6. Once the C petals are shaped, begin to give shape and texture to petals A and B.  Place these petals on the foam mat so that you can see the colors facing you.  Repeat the process as described for the C petals.  Rub over the entire surface with your bone folder, breaking down the fibers of the paper and then pull from the tips of the petals towards yourself.  You will see each petal roll in and up.
  7. Punch out a 1" circle and pierce a hole in the center as your guide and base for the petals as you begin to glue them together.  Begin by gluing the C petals down, one just slightly over the other as seen below.
  8. Glue down the B petals next and then the A petal.
  9. Now it is time to add the fine veins to each petal with the marker.  Begin the vein in the darkest point of the petal and "whisp" the pen outward for a light and delicate vein.
  10. Taking a paint brush, add shimmer to the petals by adding the pigment powder.  I have covered the entire surface of the C petals, but only just a light amount on the A and B petals.
  11. It is now time for the finishing touches and that is to add the yellow stigma center with the Buttercup Liquid Pearls.  Three dots, one at the tip of each petal.
  12. You've now completed making your very own homemade heart punch pansy flower!

I truly hope you've enjoyed this tutorial and are inspired to create your very own.  Thank you so much for stopping by Stamper's Quest to check out this amazing online magazine and read my tutorial as well.  Have a great day!

Lisa xx

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  1. I loved your project and how lucky that you made a tutorial for all of us. Kudos to you my crafty friend!!!

  2. Thank you for a fantastic tutorial! Can't wait to give this a go, pansies are one of my favourate flowers especially purple ones lol!X:)

  3. Once again, you have done an amazing job at giving step by step directions for your tutorial! LOVE these flowers and now I know what I will be trying to emulate during my spring break! Fantastic job, Lisa! Hugs!!

  4. Totally awesome sweetie!!! :0)

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  6. Oh my word what a fabulous tutorial and the most divine pansy! Thanks for sharing this fantastic flower with us Lisa will defo be having a go at these beauties. Love Chanelle xxx

  7. What a fantastic tute! Gorgeous flowers! Thank you Lisa!

  8. Thanks for this great tutorial. Pansies are one of my favorite flowers as well.