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March 2012 Trail Map: Lisa’s View

Recycled Smiles

By: Lisa Minckler; Artistic Guide, Stamp by Stampin' Up!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Finished Card Size:  4.25" x 5.5"

Hello to you and welcome to my little tutorial on this card.  The layout for this project is just beautiful and I'd like to thank Regena for making such gorgeous sketches for the Artistic Guides at Stamper's Quest.  She has taken  out the guess work for me and allowed the freedom of creativity to flow with her brilliant designs.    I do hope you're taking advantage of all her hard work.  The entire year of sketches are just amazingly unique and glorious.

Ok, now back to the card.  I used this sketch for the design.

Sketch by Regena, Artistic Guide

Cardboard Paper Toilet Roll
Hot Glue Gun
Glue Pen (Elmer's)
Acrylic Paint; blue and green (DecoArt)
Sponge For Painting
Stickles;  Lime Green - optional (Ranger)
Self-Adhesive Half Pearls (Unknown Origin)


  1. Begin with your basic cardboard toilet paper roll.
  2. Cut thin strips all the way across the roll.  Each roll can produce approximately 35 strips allowing enough to make three large flowers.
  3.  Here are the exact number of  strips you will need to make the three layers for one flower.  Five on the 1st row for the base petals, four on the 2nd for the middle petals and 2 strips on the 3rd row for the very top of the flower.  The two strips off to the right will be used for the leaves.
  4. In this photo I have shown how to glue, with the hot glue gun, each row of strips to form the individual parts of the flower.  The top row is glued in the center on three pieces and the outside pieces are also glued in the center, but then folded in half and spot glued to stay.  The same is done with all four pieces on the second row.  The last row is done by simply cutting the two strips in half.  The petals are also cut in half and then twisted over on itself and glued to form the petal.
  5. Here you will see that I've glued each part together at a center point.
  6. Here is where you will now "puff" the leaves out for more dimension.
  7. Hot glue each layer together.  The top row being the base.
  8. Now you can apply your acrylic paint with a sponge.  I simply dabbed the flower as I like a little of the cardboard showing through for a more shabby chic look.  The leaves were also colored at this point with the green acrylic paint.
  9. The original flower in the card does not have this step included, but I've added this if you want to add more dimension or shimmer to your flower.  You will need the glue pen to sporadically place glue on certain petals of your choice.  You could cover the entire surface, but I've opted here to keep some petals plain.  Once glue is applied, add the glitter and shake off the excess when finished.
  10. Add your centerpiece of the pearl and then stickle around the edges of the pearl to create the stigma or the center of the flower.
  11. Allow flower to dry properly and then use as an embellishment on a card or a center of a bow for a present or whatever creative uses you come up with.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this tutorial.  I hope you've found it inspiring and will try one yourself!

Happy Stamping and Crafting,
Lisa xx

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  1. Awesome! This is such a great way to incorporate 'repurposing' into any crafty creation! Another wonderful tutorial! I love the pictures and step by step directions leaving no room for misunderstanding the process!
    Now where did that empty toilet paper tube go...

  2. Great and unusual use of a toilet paper roll. Better than a telescope, when I was a kid.