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Winter isn’t over yet!

But Spring is around the corner!

By Linda Selymes, Editor

Yes, I know that winter isn't over yet; but here in North America, Spring is just around the corner.  I know, I'm impatient!  A lot of people love the beauty of winter, and so do I.....but only in pictures.  I'm a spoiled brat and I know it, but I don't like cold, or snow (except in pictures), or wind storms, or ice storms, loss of power, or any of that stuff.  We had more than I liked in the last month.  But enough about that!  Let's talk about beauty, and stamps, and magazine articles that display all that beauty.  Our feature articles this month are "Regal in Red".  While we didn't exactly feature "Valentine Day", you will see some of that in our posts.   Our designers have come up with ten wonderful cards that display their personal interpretation of the phrase "Regal in Red".  As you may know, we give total literary and artistic license to our artistic guides, which creates a lot of variety.   I hope you will enjoy each of their offerings.  It always amazes me how differently each artist interprets our feature.  Please feel free to comment and tell us what you especially liked.  Later this month, we'll be previewing the latest of our artists' take on Regena's exclusive sketch design.  Throughout the month we'll also be providing articles some of our designers have written to show you the things that they are doing in our Watering Hole blog articles.  I hope you enjoy what we have for you, and we truly hope to hear from you!

Stamp Credits:  Heartfelt Creations

Editor's Note:  Next month this card will be showcased again, along with many others,  with detailed instructions on how to make it.  A special added bonus will be an original digital image of the basket,  designed by the author, for your personal use.

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  1. Beautiful basket of flowers! I just love your design here and all the amazing details that bring so much life to this wonderful card. 🙂

  2. Beautiful dimensional card.

  3. This is a great card. It really pops out at your giving it that real feeling.