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An Ornament Exchange–tomorrow? HELP!

Altered Domino Ornaments
Stephanie Loomis, Guest Guide


Fear not, SQ travelers, help is here!

It happens to me every Christmas season: a gathering sneaks up on me and then I realize that an ornament exchange is part of the party and I am desperate. I could make a trip to the discount store or pull one off my own tree, but people know that I am creative, and they practically expect a hand-made ornament, signed and dated by me.

This year I recalled an old technique that I'd nearly forgotten about. It came in handy when I had an on-line ornament exchange AND a party in the same week.  What makes this project so quick is the use of quick drying alcohol inks and the assembly-line method of putting them together.

Holly, Tree (Sweet Grass Stamps)
Nativity (The Angel Company)
Pear (Chapel Road)
Gift, Text (Lasting Impressions with Panache)
Versafine Black  (Tsukineko)
Alcohol inks in bright colors. (Ranger and Pinata)
Red Liner Tape .25" (Penny Wise Arts)
Micro beads in various colors (Penny Wise Arts)
Jump rings
Clear Embossing powder (Stamp Craft)
Heat tool
Cotton ball
Gold leaf pen (optional)
91% rubbing alcohol



  1. Wipe dominoes with rubbing alcohol.
  2. Drip two or three colors on alcohol ink on each domino.
  3. Drip a bit of rubbing alcohol on ink to let it blend.
  4. If desired, dot with gold leafing pen and dab with an alcohol soaked cotton ball.
  5. Let dry. (Takes minutes--really)
  6. Stamp a variety of images on the dominoes using Versafine ink. I find it easier to take the domino to the stamp, rather than the stamp to the domino. 
  7. Sprinkle clear embossing powder over dominoes and heat set.
  8. Wrap edge of dominoes with red liner tape. Do not peel top liner from the tape.
  9. Trim a small bit of red liner tape and pass through a jump ring. Peel back a little of the tape already on the domino and carefully place jump ring on the top center of the domino.
  10. Remove red liner from tape and pour microbeads over the edges. Use a bit of the liner to press the beads firmly into the tape all the way around the domino.
  11. Sign and date the back and take a deep breath. Quick, easy, and artsy ornaments that will impress everyone. They'll never believe you took just a few minutes to create them!

Merry Christmas!


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  1. Oh Stephanie, I am so glad you brought this out of the recesses of your mind... they are so terrific.. I have some ornaments to make.. I have all of the needed good to go and make. I am fairly sure I have the alcohol inks... not alot of colors but some. hummmm brain is creaking in to motion. Thanks for the lovely examples and more so - bring this fun project back to my memory too.

  2. Very pretty. May have to try that technique. Have done it for a card, but not the dominoes. Edna