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Scrap Confusion Reduction

I have all of these stacks of beautiful scrapbook paper.  Then I have all of these scraps tucked into the stack.  Pick up the stack and scraps scatter across the desk and floor.  Grrrrrrr!  Papercrafters, do not despair.  There is a solution.

With the paper still in the stack, place the die on the paper as shown in the two pictures.  Now you can mark lightly with a pencil or tape the die in place with low tack masking tape.  The end result is that you get just the right size of paper for your die cut AND the remainder of the page stays neatly in the stack.  The two pictures below show you just how to do this.

Need a 3" x 3"  piece of paper?  Don't tear out a whole 12" x 12" page from the stack.  Place your cutting mat under the paper and cut that 3" x3" piece while the whole sheet is still in the stack!

No more papers spilling out on the floor.

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  1. seing this is grand... I love it. I have so many scraps, I try to do cards just using scraps frome time to time. just to keep some of the scraps down.. I do not cut or stamp in the middle of a paper - ever! That just seems wrong to me. I like to save but this is perfect to have things neat and tidy and not having papers all over the place. Love it!

  2. I think you place the die on the stack, and then measure and cut with a scissors just a piece big enough for putting it through your machine. You don't take the whole pad with you...just that little section needed. I hope that is correct. And, I agree...a great idea indeed. Thanks.

  3. This idea is just so clever and yet so simple! Thanks for posting it!

  4. aaaahhhhhh ok!!! now it is clear and a great idea!!!! I have the packs with pieces that fall out or the ears pop out when I try to put it away.

    thank you for explaining it to me!!!

  5. Manetta - the die is placed on the piece of paper while it is still in the stack. You place it the to know how large of a piece to cut from the page. When the piece is cut from the page it will be small enough to go through the die cut machine. This leaves the rest of the paper still attached to the stack. You only cut out a piece big enough to fit the size of you die. Hope this explanation helps.

  6. Shelly,
    This is going to work great. Yes, just take your scissors and cut only what you need. Why didn't I think of this? Doesn't matter; you did. Thanks. I'm in the process now of trying to organize my paper and this will help not make anymore of those 'loose' pieces.


  7. I am not sure I understand this....how do you cut out just that die when the page is too big to fit into a cuttlebug or other machine?