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The Serenades: Marion’s View

Love in Any Language

By: Marion Davis, Artistic Guide

Finished card size: 4”x6”

There is a story that goes with my choice of songs.  Sit back for a moment and read the background.

When I was teaching kindergarten we had five sessions with three teachers. One session was an ESL (English as a Second Language) class for the children who spoke only Spanish. The rest of the variety of ethnicities were divided into the other four sessions with two teachers who spoke only English. (Put me in that group.)

All three teachers worked really hard to teach the children to respect and learn about other’s ethnicities and traditions. Every excuse for a celebration and learning was embraced. We even learned sign language together because one child was deaf. Parents were invited in to tell us about their traditions. Holiday celebrations started with Dwali in October and went all the way to Chinese New Year at the end of January or beginning of February. All these holidays were held together with a theme of “Lights.”

At the end of the year we invited the parents to a celebration show which included all 126 kindergarten students. The music the children sang reflected our multicultural year and they sang in several languages. However, the show stopper was "Love in Any Language".

Picture 126 kindergarteners sitting on the risers on stage dressed in tee-shirts forming a rainbow of colors with rainbow printed curtains behind them. They not only sang this song but also signed it. I will give you the words after the project but I found that YouTube has a video of the artist, Sandi Patty, whose recording we used to practice.

Fair warning… I have never seen so many adults, including our principal, with tears in their eyes.  This is my interpretation of that song and our annual celebration.

Love (My Sentiments Exactly)
Background Digital file from Kim's Scrappin' - http://kimscrapping.blogspot.com  file is KS_AugPP and was a freebie on Cravecrafts at some point.

White text weight computer paper – whatever was in the printer that week… Usually something from Staples or Georgia Pacific
Burgundy Card stock (The Paper Company)
White Vellum (Marcos Paper)
Versamark (Tsukineko)
Distress  Victorian Velvet (Ranger)
Computer and software for editing

Gold Detail Embossing Powder (Ranger)
Embellishment Kit (Hot off the Press)
Peel off sticker corners (Starform)
Heat Tool



  1. Start creating the background by opening a table in word. Leave the borders for the moment so it is easier to see the formatting.
  2. I began by typing the phrase I Love You into the Google Translator on my computer. Then I clicked several languages one at a time, copied and pasted the translation into a cell of the word table. If a ? came up on the end of the phrase I deleted it because I found that meant I did not have a compatible font on my computer. When the table was full enough for my needs I clicked at the corner of the table to select the entire table and then the borders and shadings button on the Home tab of word and selected no borders.
  3. I then saved the table as a .png file because I needed it to be transparent.  
  4. Next I switched to Corel version X4 and opened the background file. I cropped the image to give me just the center and adjusted the color slightly so it would blend better with the cardstock.
  5. Add the png file by copying and pasting as a new layer. Flatten the image and save as a PNG.
  6. I then imported it to Word and added the words Love In Any Language. Save, size and print.
  7. Back to the studio to stamp  .....
  8. .....and emboss the Love stamp in detail gold on vellum.  
  9. Pierce the vellum and add the flower embellishment with a matching brad from the kit.   
  10. All that is left is to secure the vellum with the Peel off squares and a glue dot under the flower, layer the vellum on the printout and place that layer slightly skewed on the cardstock.  

As promised here are the lyrics from Love in Any Language, as sung by Sandi Patti, words and music by Jon Mohr and John Mays:


 Je t'aime
Te amo
Ya ti-bya lyu blyu
Ani o hev ot cha
I love you

The sounds are all as different
As the lands from which they came
And though the words are all unique
Our hearts are still the same

Love in any language
Straight from the heart
Pulls us all together
Never apart
And once we learn to speak it
All the world will hear
Love in any language
Fluently spoken here

We teach the young our differences
Yet look how we're the same
We love to laugh, to dream our dreams
We know the sting of pain

From Leningrad to Lexington
The farmer loves his land
And daddies all get misty-eyed
To give their daughter's hand

Oh maybe when we realize
How much there is to share
We'll find too much in common
To pretend it isn't there

Love in any language
Straight from the heart
Pulls us all together
Never apart
And once we learn to speak it
All the world will hear
Love in any language
Fluently spoken here

Tho' the rhetoric of government
May keep us worlds apart
There's no misinterpreting
The language of the heart

Love in any language
Straight from the heart
Pulls us all together
Never apart
And once we learn to speak it
All the world will hear
Love in any language
Fluently spoken here.

I hope you enjoyed it.











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  1. WOW!!!! I enjoy everything about your posting. Thank you for the video it is beautiful and the song she sings is so true. Thanks for writting the words, that made the song even more beautiful because we could sing along with her. Beautifully done.

  2. Very elegant Marion! Thank you for such a great tutorial!