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Why I use sponging

by: Shelly Newkirk

As you can see from the picture, sponging can make a dramatic difference in the appearance of a design.  I use a round sponge for most of my sponging because it doesn't leave harsh edges.  One of the secrets to successful sponging of edges is to have a light touch.

One of my favorite inks for sponging is Ranger's Archival Coffee, but that does not mean that that is the only ink that I use.  It depends on the project and what colors I want to accent.  I frequently use a very light brown on the very edges of white labels.  This is to make the label stand out from the background, especially if it is light.

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  1. You may post it on your site, but please include a link back to Stamper's Quest.
    Thanks, Cathy.

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  5. I love sponging! Thanks for the tip on adding a little black for the 'burnt' edge! The image looks great with it! I love using browns to create a vintage or shabby look to my cards too!

  6. Wonderful card. You are so right! Sponging is so much a part of stamping it often finished the look of your card.

  7. Thanks for the tips--I find I use a much firmer rub with my sponge (think mine might be a bit more colorful then yours!) way too much ink then I wanted to--will try a much lighter grip from now on.
    Many Hugs, N

  8. Thank you for all the great information on sponging. Great tutorial! I need to get some of that ink! 😀 You enabler you!!!

  9. What a great card - love everything about it!

  10. the tiger stamp was an unmounted stamp that I got in a sheet of rubber as a birthday present. I have no idea who made it, but I sure to like it. If you tear and sponge with brown and then hit the very edge with black it has a burned appearance. I love that for western and man cards.

  11. Striking card Bea!

    Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

  12. Love the card. Whose stamp did you use for the "big cat"?

  13. Thanks for reminding us about sponging. It's a technique I haven't thought about using in quite sometime.
    As your example shows, light sponging incorporates the central image into the whole design.

  14. Beautiful card...and love the sponged look you implemented.