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Why Can’t I Get The Same Results?

You have just been on Stamper's Quest and saw the most beautiful card.  Now you are trying to reproduce that card using the directions and techniques listed.  It is just not working.  Don't give up.  It's may not be you, and there is hope.  There are a number of factors that can and frequently do contribute to not being able to achieve the same results as the Artistic Guide.  Even  advanced stampers have this problem.

Please remember that first of all you are seeing the perfected results that have been achieved by practice and painstaking trial and error.  Many of my first attempts at a new design or technique hit the trash can.  No one will ever see them.  (You and I should be very grateful for that fact, some of them were pretty awful.)  When working on something new, the first attempt may be "it", but more often it is the third, fifth even the tenth that finally satisfies my inner artistic vision of what is just right.  I can not tell you what that vision is, but I know it when I see it.  Sometimes it is the smallest little embellishment or tweak of the design that says, "Yes, this is it!" to me.  If your results please you, then you are in your "artistic zone" and that is enough.

Another big factor is the supplies used.  For many of us it is impossible financially or physically have the same exact products used in the directions.  All papers and inks are not the same but often you can substitute with what you have on hand and do a little tweaking and adjusting to achieve close to same results as the tutorial.   Just because the directions call for such and such a brand of dye ink does not necessarily mean that you HAVE to use that brand.  Remember that the Artistic Guide is usually using what they have on hand; they did not make a run to their local craft store to buy some obscure products to test your shopping skills.  If one brand of ink or paper does not work, try another.  This will also help you become more familiar with just what your supplies will and will not do.

There are factors such as humidity or heat that can also make a difference in how products react.

My goal, when trying something new is not to make an exact copy, but to put my personal touch to the technique or design and make it mine.  This attitude also prevents a lot of frustration.  Take a look at the monthly card map submissions on Stamper Quest.   It is amazing to see how each artist interrupts those card maps to make their very own version.  There is no right or wrong, there is only what looks good to YOU.

Bottom line - the tutorials, directions, card maps and galleries are there to stir your creative juices, to give you a starting point on making it your own unique creation.  Please do not allow what I or others on Stamper's Quest create  and publish dictate what you can or can not do with the ideas from these designs.  Consider Stamper's Quest just a starting point.  We challenge you to make each and every design presented your very own.  And we would love to see what your artistic endeavors have led you to create.

So instead of asking, "Why can't I get the same results?", maybe you should be asking, "How can I make this MY version of the design?"

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  1. Great Bea! I agree..... many of my trials hit file 13. I usually re-work my design team cards at least 5 times before posting! thank you too for reminding us that we can claim the license to creativity and make the project our own. Thanks. Great article1

  2. This is a wonderful article and you are so right. Their are so many different factors when someone trys so hard to do the same as someone else. Never be discouraged. I for one when I started with my copic markers had started buying all the wrong colors. Colors that did not work together so I gave up. After awhile I started to do some reading and found out how the copic colors work together and what the letters and the numbers mean so I went out and got some of the colors that complicated each other and then things started to work so much better. Their always is so much to learn when it comes to colors.

    Thank you for doing this article it is really nicely done.

  3. Nice article, Shelly and very well written. Thank you for some good, clear, concise info that we call all benefit from.

  4. very very true...thank you for sharing that tidbit and reminder!

  5. Very good reminder. Thanks, I am glad I am not the only one that takes many - many tries to get somthing I am trying to reproduce. Some times my 9th card is worse than my first. LOL Work toward what makes you pleased. Thanks again as always great information.

  6. Great article and fabulous information.

  7. Good information, not everybody sees things in the same way, not everyone will use the same color
    combinations. It is good to try different ways, different colors, amd Yes the embellishments foe me
    most often are what makes my cards .

  8. This is so true! Even when I am teaching classes, I always tell my students that they are free to use their own artistic sense and redesign the project if they want to ink edges I didn't, pop something up, or turn the card the other direction. I love seeing the little twists that my students bring to projects.

  9. Thank you - this is very encouraging and inspiring!