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Holiday Blizzard: Lisa’s View – Candle Centerpiece

Potpourri Candle Centerpiece

By: Lisa Minckler, Artistic Guide

These supplies were purchased at The Dollar Store
10" diameter decorative tin container with lid ($1)

1 - 3"x 3" green floral foam cube ($0.50)
1 bag of scented dried cranberry potpourri ($1)
2 bundles of fake poinsettia flowers ($1)
3 assorted candles ($1.50)
2 ornate Christmas wired ribbon 3" thickness ($1)
Decorative metal reindeer ($1)
Other Supplies:
1.5" width coordinating ribbon (Offray)

X-ACTO knife
Small household spoon
Glue Gun
Floral Wire or thin wire (unknown origin)


  1. On a safe cutting surface, cut the 3" x 3" floral foam into thirds with X-ACTO knife.
  2. Remove lid from decorative tin and set aside.  Place one piece of the cut foam into the base of the metal container.   Using the other two pieces of foam, cut them accordingly to fill in the remainder of the space in the bottom of the container.  Making sure to keep the foam pieces fairly level and tight to each other.
  3. Remove one candle from it's wrapper and gently press the end of candle onto the foam, making a wax marking of where you'd like your candles placed.
  4. Cut around the wax markings with X-ACTO knife about 1/2" to 3/4" in depth, making sure the depth is great enough for candles to stand alone and not lean.  I found that a regular teaspoon worked perfect for scooping the foam out.
  5. Heat up the glue gun at this point for use in the near future.
  6. Once all candles are securely in place, open the bag of scented potpourri and pour inside the container.  This will hide the foam, embellish the candles and smell really, really wonderful.
  7. Pull about five of the flowers and leaves off of the poinsettias bundles.  Attach the leaves to the flowers with a small dab of hot glue.  Place these flowers loosely around the exterior of the candles, on top of the potpourri.
  8. Take one spool of wired ribbon and measure around the outside of the tin, cutting off just enough to tack in the back of the tin with hot glue also.
  9. Prepare a larger bow with the coordinating wired ribbon.  Then prepare a smaller bow with a coordinating solid color.   When finished making the small bow, tie wire around the base of it and this will slide nicely into the bigger bow allowing for you to nestle it inside. Attach bow to front of tin with hot glue.
  10. Place reindeer figure directly behind the candles, but offset just a bit.  If parts of the figurine sits on the edge of the tin, be sure to secure them by adding just a bit of hot glue to the contacting surfaces.

There is no use for the lid other than when the candles have burned down, you can place the lid back on and save for the next holiday.

I've also tried to use as little glue as possible, as this tin could be re-used and decorated for other holidays as well.  The candles and ribbon can be replaced, using orange and black for Halloween or Brown and White with leaves or acorns for Thanksgiving.  You could also cut a strip of  card stock or paper the width and diameter of the tin, and stamp any seasonal stamps on it, glue it to the tin and change it out for any occasion.

It's a very pretty and affordable gift or centerpiece that can be used over and over again.

As always, please use caution when lighting and burning the candles...
I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season.

Lisa xx





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  1. Awww Patricia,
    Thank you so much!!! 🙂

  2. Marie!!
    You tell me the date and time and I'd be happy too! 😀
    Hugs to you,
    Lisa xx

  3. Thank you Margaret 🙂
    I don't know how I would survive without the dollar store and thrift shops..LOL. 🙂

  4. So pretty! I love that you made this for less than $10! I think I may have a few tins stashed away somewhere that are going to get a new purpose!!

  5. How beautiful! This is just gorgeous Lisa! you are so talented! Maybe you should come to my home to decorate for the holidays!
    Very creative.

  6. Just beautiful Lisa! I would love to put this on my table. Great job.