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Blending Solution Substitute

Blending solutions for alcohol inks can be very expensive.  Want a great inexpensive substitute to refill that blending solution bottle with?  It's right there at your local pharmacy.  91% isopropyl alcohol can be found on the shelf right next to the 70% alcohol.  A 16 oz bottle costs between $2 to $4.

I have used this with my alcohol inks and it works great!!!  I would strongly recommend that you refill you orginal blending solution bottle that has a restricted flow tiny tip.  It gives you much better application control.

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  1. Thank you for the tip. I do not put the 70% in my copic blenders - have heard from the product specialist it would destroy the nibs, but I have used it to blend colors on paper and for clean-up. I use it to clean my copic caps. I will try to find the 91% you mention. I am so glad to hear about it! Thank you so very much for the suggestion! Off to pharmacy I go! 😀

  2. This is great.. Thanks so much for sharing this.

  3. THANK YOU FOR THIS TIP! I've recently signed on to do a swap for 30, and needing blending solution for the A. Inks was going to put me over budget! Wow..Just ,THANKS SO MUCH...Again!

  4. Thank you, that is good information. I am going to try that.

  5. Janet -

    Blending Solution is used for blending alcohol based inks...there are two prominent products that I know of - the Ranger Adirondack alcohol inks and Pinata alcohol inks. The Adironack inks are more earth tone colors while the Pinatas are very bright. When applying these inks you use the blending solution to help the colors blend together. You can also use the solution after applying the inks to the surface by dropping drops onto the inks creating wonderful 'blotchy' patterns, or by apply the solution to your applicator and going over the inked surface, which will make the colors of the inks less intense.

    I have not used the 91% isopropyl alcohol because I can't find it in our pharmacy, but I have used the 70%. It works, but not as well as the blending solution when used on an already inked surface. But the 70% does work well for clean-up, which is a heck of a lot cheaper than using the blending solution.

    I have used the 70% alcohol with re-inkers as well. Some of my work turned out well using the alcohol, some did not.

    Just get out all the products and play and experiment! Many techniques are developed just by experimenting and having fun!

    I want to reiterate what one person stated earlier....DO NOT use the Blending Solution or the Alcohol Inks in a mister or spray bottle. They can be toxic!

  6. Could you please refresh my memory as to why and how you use a blending solution? Thank you!

  7. This is a good to know file. thanks

    Melanie it would be the 91% isopropyl.

  8. And, 91% alcohol makes a great bug spray, too!

  9. Thanks for a great tip! My alcohol inks are pretty full but when they run out I'll definately give this a try.
    Just a quick question...I wonder if this would work if you were to use regular ink refills? I'll have to try that too 🙂

  10. Great suggestion! And I bet you can use the 91% in a spray bottle for great effects. Blending Solution from Ranger is hazardous to spray, it has a resin in it.
    I'll have to go get me some 91% alcohol! Thanks for the tip!

  11. Thanks for that great tip. That leaves our money to buy other great stuff.

  12. Thnaks Shelly,
    Is it the 91% that I want to get or the 70%?