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Decorating With Nature

Transforming The Hedge Apple

By: Lisa Minckler, Artistic Guide


Embossing Folders of your choice (Provo Craft)
Scribbles Swirls Die (Sizzix)

Hi Embossit (Sizzix)
Hedge apple

Assorted leaves from yard
Raffia (Premium Raffia)
Berries or Acorns/Nuts  from yard
Twigs or Vine from trees or bushes
Hot Glue Gun
Black Spray Paint; color of your choice (Krylon)
Cutting/Embossing Machine (BigShot)


  1. Begin by choosing a hedge apple that is fresh from the tree and free of spots or decay.
  2. It is best to spray paint in a well ventilated area, so I would recommend placing your hedge apple on  a few pieces of newspaper and paint outdoors in the yard.  While your hedge apple is drying, this would be the perfect time to collect some still moist leaves from your favorite trees.  You will also want to collect the extra nature embellishments such as nuts, berries, twigs or vines.   Anything that you find unique or fun to look at that is just in your own backyard.
  3. Here I have chosen about six or seven leaves that had vibrant fall colors and then ran them through the cutting/embossing machine with either an embossing folder, die cut or embosslit.  As you can see here, the textures hold up quite nicely on a moist leaf.

  4. Once your hedge apple is completely dry, it is time to begin the decorating process.   Have your glue gun ready to start adhering your decorations.
  5. Begin by tying a bow with your raffia and hot gluing it around the stem of the hedge apple. Trim up your raffia with scissors to attain your desired look.
  6. You can now begin hot gluing your leaves, vine, berries, twigs and whatever else you have collected from your yard.  The possibilities are endless and the amount of embellishments you use are completely up to your own choosing.

Here is another picture of the hedge apple transformation.  I decorated several of these and found that even two weeks later, the texture of the leaves remains intact and hedge apple is still a wonderful compliment to the fall pumpkin decorations.

An extra note as well:  When you are done with this decoration, you can slice the hedge apple in half and place it in a garage or basement as a bug repellent also.   I'm not sure why the bugs don't like them because the squirrels seem to LOVE them.

Hope you have enjoyed this article and it has inspired you to use nature as your template for creativity mixed with the fun inventions of modern stamping tools.

Happy stamping and crafting,
Lisa xx


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10 Responses »

  1. Hi Mariposa!
    Somehow this message ended up in my spam, so I apologize for the tardy response.
    So happy that you found us here at Stamper's Quest. I took a look through your blog and you are very creative yourself. I found myself quite inspired by many of your Halloween projects. 🙂
    I would love to see pictures if you do decide to make the card holder and as for the hedge apple...LOL...I wish I really knew what a hedge apple was too and I've lived with them all my life. All I know is, there is a business that ships them to people to get rid of bugs in unwanted places. If only I'd known this years ago....I've been sitting on a gold mine and had no idea. Ha!
    I'm in Missouri and they grow tons here but most of my friends on the east and west coast seem to have never heard of them. Must be a central thing.
    Thank you so much for taking the time to leave me a message and again, I apologize that I didn't find it sooner.
    Have a great weekend,
    Lisa xx

  2. What a wonderful place to visit. I just love all the idea's you so willingly share. I plan to make the card holder. Wish I even knew what a hedge apple was, I love th elook and would make them if we had them.
    Where do they grow?

  3. The big internet??? I made it all the way to the big one? LOL Thanks Mitra for the comment...you made my morning with a big smile. 😀

  4. Margaret,
    Thanks so much! I could send you about 50 or so if you REALLY wanted more. They really are an ugly thing, but look so funny hopping through the yard attached to a squirrel. Have to be careful when mowing though. Squirrels tend to lose their grip on them when up in a tree. Had a close call a time or two. LOL
    Let me know if you run the leaves through your Big Shot! 😀

  5. I found you on the big Internet! Whooooohooooo!! You rock with all your awesome ideas! Love it!

  6. How awesome is this?! We have a hedge apple in our science center at school right now. I wish I would have requested a few extra from the parent now... Running real leaves through the Big Shot!!!! What will you come up with next???? Such a wonderful decorating idea for fall!

  7. LOL..
    Hi Beverly,
    Yes, that is definitely one ugly fruit! Thanks for the giggles.
    Lisa xx

  8. Hi Marie,
    Thanks so much! I guess a lot of people have never seen a Hedge Apple. They are the ugliest looking things, but apparently, quite useful. Who knew? LOL Have fun pressing leaves in the embossing folder, it's a hoot!
    Lisa xx

  9. Just beautiful Lisa! I have never seen a Hedge Apple! What a wonderful idea about embossing leaves. I have never thought of doing that but you can bet I will be doing it in the future. You are soooo creative!

  10. The hedge apple brought back memories of when we lived in Ohio. What a strange looking fruit.