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A Charmed Life

 If you're like me and  could fill an entire shopping cart with wonderful embellishments, but when you have to go and pay for them, you find you can't justify $50 on charms (all the time), you resort to finding a way to making them yourself.  I figure if the card is homemade, why not make the charm homemade too.  It's also nice when your card has a coordinating embellishment that matches the stamp set you used on your card.

Tiny Tags (Stampin' Up!)

Versamark Pad and Pen (Tsukineko)
Foam Pad (unknown)

Crystal Clear and Gold Glory Embossing Powder (Stampin' Up!)
Acrylic Block (Close To My Heart)
Heavy Duty Foil (Reynolds Wrap)
Stylus (Stampin' Up!)
Piercing Tool (Stampin' Up!)
Heat Tool (Stampin' Up!)
Foam Dots (optional)
Twine (Artist's stash)
Scrap paper to pour embossing powder on


Here is a picture of the supplies that I use to make all my charms.

  1. Begin by selecting any stamp that you would like that will compliment your card or project.  It doesn't have to be a clear or cling stamp, wood mount stamps work wonderful too.  This just happens to be the stamp I used and it requires mounting it in the center of your acrylic block.
  2. Cut the heavy duty foil into sections large enough to cover your foam pad.
  3. The foil will crinkle so I used the Versamark Pen to "roll" out the wrinkles.  It may not be perfectly smooth but the surface will be cleaner for when you stamp into it.
  4. Take your Versamark pad and generously rub across the entire surface of the smooth foil, making sure to cover entirely.
  5. Place down your scrap piece of paper for the embossing powder portion of this project.  Pour the Gold Glory powder over the Versamark surface, making sure to tap off the excess powder and return it to the container.
  6. Heat the gold powder until dry.
  7. Take your stamp of choice and immediately after heating the embossing powder, press your stamp firmly onto the surface.  The foam pad will give you the flexibility to press a deeper image into the foil.
  8. Now take your Versamark Pen and with the paint tip, apply versamark to the interior of the impression and just a bit up and around the image as well.
  9. Using your paper piercing tool, pierce a hole directly above the impression.  This will become your "loop" for ribbon or twine when you wish to hang the charm.  If you do not plan to hang the charm,  you can omit this step.
  10. Now pour the Crystal Clear embossing powder on top of the versamark impression.  This step is to ensure a more sturdy texture on your charm.  If you have the thick embossing powder, one application may be ample.  However, if  using fine powder, I would recommend a double application.
  11. Heat the crystal clear powder with your heat tool.
  12. To the fun part.  Remove the foil from the foam pad and cut an area out around the impression, like so.
  13. Now begin to move in closer with your scissors and cut closer into your impression.  On this particular charm I have left a ridge for definition, but that is not required for the charm if you would rather have it closer and more defined.  If you are going to need the loop to hang your charm, be sure to cut around the pierced hole to create your tab.
  14. If you feel that your charm needs more definition, you can place it right side up or face down on the foam and with your stylus, press into the charm to apply more depth or definition.  This step is not mandatory, but just another option as the foil is still "giving" to change.

Choose the material that you are going to hang your charm with and thread it through the loop.  Here I have used twine.  Tie a knot in the twine and now your charm is ready to be placed on your card or project.

On this particular card, I didn't want my charm to sway so I added a foam dot to the back of the charm and applied it to the card.

As you can see here, charms of any kind can be made with these exact steps and you really get the ability to coordinate and personalize your projects however you like.

Play around with embossing colors or apply marker colors to them as well.  The possibilities are endless.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and will give it a try.  I'd love to see what you come up with if you do.
Happy Stamping...
Lisa xx

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  1. This is so cool! I really need to stop checking out your creations! I will never get all of these wonderful things recreated... 🙂

  2. Hi Regena,
    Thanks so much for the comment on the charms. Would love to see what you come up with! 😀

  3. Hi Nola,
    Thank you so much for your very kind comment! Let me know if you decide to make some. 🙂

  4. Hi Peggie,
    Thank you so much! Would love to see what you make if you do.

  5. Neat idea. Will have to try this.

  6. these are really cool. You gave wonderful photos & instructions. Great job!

  7. Great project Lisa! Thanks for giving me something new to try!!!