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Holiday Blizzard 2011: Stenciled Halloween Card

Stenciled Halloween Card

By: Marion Davis, Artistic Guide

Finished card size: 3.875”x4.75”

Spider (Amuse)
Happy Halloween (Maple Grove)
Black Pigment Ink (Amuse)
Orange and black (The Paper Company)
Stencil – Spider Web (Dreamweaver)
White Glossy stencil paste (Dreamweaver)
Painter's Tape
Paint Spatula
White Glitter (sorry, bottle not labeled)
White Pigment Ink Pen (Inksentials)
Stickle glitter Glue –black diamond and orange peel (Ranger)
Decorative Edged Scissors
Adhesive of choice


  1. I did a little experimenting on this card. I decided to try to stamp with Stickles instead of hand writing the greeting.
  2. Let’s start with the stencil. If you have never worked with stencil paste before you will need an offset spatula, some low tack tape, and a container of water in addition to the stencil, paste and paper. The water is critical to the maintenance of the stencil. Do NOT let the paste dry on your tools. I keep a container of water on my table and slip the tools into it as soon as I am done with them. Trust me. Just do   it. 
  3.  Place the stencil on the paper and begin taping it down with a low teak tape. Two very important tips here.
  4. Start where you will remember because you will remove the tape in the reverse order that you lay it down. I always start at the top. It doesn’t matter where, but you need to remember so always doing it the same way is helpful. This piece becomes your hinge. 
  5. Secondly fold over one corner of the tape before you lay it down. This will give you a small area to grab when lifting the tape. 
  6. Notice the folded corners in the photo above.
  7. Now, using the offset spatula, take out enough stencil paste to generously cover the blade of the spatula. Don’t worry about too much. You will be putting back what you don’t use…just like you do with embossing powder. The point is to have the paste wide enough on the blade so you can cover the stencil in one swipe. I start with the longest direction and then go the other way. Be sure all areas are covered. Wipe the excess from the spatula and go back to smooth the paste with your third and FINAL swipe. 
  8.  When I took this class with Theresa Winter she was adamant about limiting oneself to three swipes. After that it begins to seep under the stencil. She was right. I speak from experience.
  9. Return any excess paste to the jar and immediately put the spatula in the water.
  10. Peel up three strips of tape in the reverse order you laid them down. Throw them away immediately. You can’t reuse them.
  11. Leave the fourth one in place as a hinge.
  12. Carefully lift the stencil on the side opposite the hinge tape and lift it off. The tape usually comes up with the stencil. Discard the tape and put that stencil into the water immediately. Do not put your fingers in the paste! (Yeah, I did; so do as I say, not as I do.) 
  13.  Immediately sprinkle with White Glitter and shake the excess off, returning the excess to the jar. Set this aside to dry.
  14. Now I wanted to try to stamp with Stickles. I think it would have shown better on lighter paper but this is a Halloween card so…
  15. Turn the stamp face up and lightly dab Stickles where you want it to be.
  16. Stamp it on a scrap of the black paper.  I expected it to squish and it did. I took a toothpick and moved the glitter that closed the letters but left the rest alone.  Set this aside to dry.
  17. Fold a piece of orange paper in half being sure   it is large enough for your stencil piece to layer on.  I then cut away the excess area on the front only. I admit that I had some difficulty with the decorative scissors. They wouldn’t close all the way so I had trouble getting the edge to line up. 
  18. Unwilling to fight with the scissors I adjusted what I did on the bottom. I used the Black Diamonds Stickles along the cut edge and on the bottom edge I drew a wiggly line with the Stickles.
  19. Set this piece aside to dry as well
  20. This is a good time for a “cuppa”. 
  21. Stamp the spider on a scrap of white cardstock in black pigment ink. Cut it out when dry leaving a hint white edge.
  22. When everything is dry, assemble the parts. I decided to add the white pigment pen around the words to help define them. I also was able to place the sentiment and spider over the worst of my smudges, but don’t tell anyone. 
  23. Finally layer the stenciled element to the card front and you are done.

I think it took me three times longer to write this than to do it. Don’t let the length of the directions put you off.

Happy Halloween!



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