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Holiday Blizzard 2011: Halloween Goodie Holder

Halloween Goodie Holder

By: Marion Davis, Artistic Guide

Finished Project: 3.875” x 4.75”

Happy Halloween everyone. No goodies in the goodie holder. It has to do with my lack of control. I have a traditional storytelling gig on Halloween night so I am never home to  pass out goodies. If they are in the house I will eat them …so there are none for the photo. <LOL>

Bats (The Cat's Pajamas)
Archival Jet Black (Ranger)
Persimmon (Cordinations Foundations)
Black (The Paper Company)
Chain punch (EK Success)
Ribbon optional
Bone Folder and Ruler or Scoring Tool 


  1. This project seems to work with any size circle template so I will give you my measurements followed by general proportions. Believe me it is very forgiving. Thanks to Andrea Walford for the original template.
  2. Trace a circle template in the Persimmon 12x12 paper. The original template calls for a 8.5” circle, and since all my plates were either too large or too small I traced my black foam tape which is just about 8”.  
  3. Cut out the circle with a scissors.  Score at 3” and 3.5” from wherever the bottom will be. (This is a little more than a third up the circle.) Fold on the scores.  
  4.  Now score 1.625” and 2.125” in from either side.  
  5. Turn the circle over and stamp all over the circle. I suggest using an allover non-directional stamp since you have the bottom and sides folding up or in from different directions.  
  6.  Cut along the inner lines that form the corners on the lower part of the circle. Yes it is the INNER lines.
  7. Place a strong adhesive on the straight lines you have just created on the bottom flap. Remove only one tape liner at a time to make it easier to line up.
  8. Fold in the sides.  
  9. Adhere the bottom flap over the side flaps. I found it helpful to slip a covered ink pad into the pouch to give something to press against.
  10. Punch out two strips of black paper with the Chain border punch.  
  11. Lay the punched strips over the goodie holder (I left the ink pad in for this step as well) and pinch where the corner folds need to be. This will allow the strip to fit properly around the holder.
  12.  Adhere the ribbon and then place the 2 punched strips above and below the ribbon.
  13. You are done.  

For those of you who love the ribbon I originally bought it at the Wright Factory Outlet in Sturbridge MA (unfortunately no longer there) and I pull it out every Halloween. I am almost out of it. Guess I will just have to stamp my ribbon next year.

This is a great project for many holidays. Think Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, etc.









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  1. Love this! I think it would be perfect for a small gift as well! (I'm with you, if I fill it with candy, it will be empty before I get to give it away...)

  2. oh very cute and easy too!