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October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

By: Bea Rosenleaf, Publisher

Most of you who have followed Stamper's Quest these past three years, know how near and dear breast cancer awareness is to me. I am a survivor of one of the most agressive forms of breast cancer there is - I am one of the fortunate ones. I was blessed with having a doctor who believed in treating the cancer agressively with a different treatment regime than what was popular at the time.  This man is one of my heros.  Because of him, I am here 19 years later to be able to tell you of my experience.  I was 36 years old at the time, with less than 50% chance to survive.  I thank God every day since for providing this doctor to me (and I still see him to this day, at least twice a year) and giving me my life back.

Did you know that over 200,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year?  And that over 43,000 will die?   The leading cause of death of women ages 40 to 55 is breast cancer. A key to survival is early detection of this deadly disease. Mammograms can help with that detection, but many women cannot afford this simple test. Did you know that at least 13 million women just in the U.S. over 40 have never had a mammogram?  This statistic just blows my mind.

Here's a cool, short video to watch

Click for Your Mama

I was younger than 40, so I had never had a mammogram. When I felt a lump and went to my doctor, he sent me to have a mammogram. That mammogram confirmed my worst fears...without that simple test, I may not have survived to be able to tell you my story.

There is a site, called The Breast Cancer Site that provides free mammograms to women in need. All they ask of you is to provide a simple click of your mouse each day to help fund these free mammograms. They have provided 52, 508 free mammograms to women in need since 2000.  Can I count on you to help this cause?  All it requires is a minute of your time each morning to click on their site. It's free!

The Breast Cancer Site

And, I would appreciate your sharing the link with family and friends. The more clicks, the more free mammograms that can be provided to women in need.

To support breast cancer awareness here at Stamper's Quest, our Artistic Guides use the October Trail Map and the color pink to create cards in support of breast cancer awareness.  The rest is purely the interpretation of the individual designer.

Please, if you have not had a mammogram yet, or your annual mammogram is over-due, make an appointment to have one done. It is simple and nonevasive.  It isn't even painful and only takes about a hour of your time, most of that time is waiting in the waiting room.  It is a simple, yet effective way to an early detection of a deadly disease.  If you can't afford one, please contact the folks at the Breast Cancer Site...they are there to help!

On the trail -

Bea Rosenleaf

Stamps by: The Angel Company and Hero Arts

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