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Decorative Footstool with Stamped Images

Decorative Footstool with Stamped Images

By Regena, Outfitter

Finished size:  10.75" x 9" x 7.5”

Large and Small Flower Sets (Serendipity Stamps)
Baroque Motif Flourish (Stampin’ Up!)
Ornamental Frames Clear stamps (Inkadinkado)
1 sheet – 8.5” x 11” Plain bond paper
Small Decorative Footstool (Walnut Hollow)
Wood filler (Elmer’s)
Fine grit sanding sponge
Tack cloth
Acrylic Paints:
    Metallics- Copper and Aquamarine (Folk Art)
    Lamp Black (Americana)
    Laguna (Blue) (Plaid)
1” foam brushes (Michaels)
Size 1 Liner brush, optional, for touch ups (American Painter)
Acrylic mounting block
Small Plastic containers (or Styrofoam plates)
Mod Podge (Plaid Enterprises)
Yellow and Diamond Black Stickles Glitter Glues (Ranger)
Make-up sponges
.75" Painter's Tape
Paper Towels
Water-Based Varnish (Ceramcoat) or Spray Varnish (Krylon)
Latex gloves, optional

Let me first start off with an important note about this particular footstool.  It is NOT the type that can be used for kids to stand on.  It is mainly for decorative use, but it can still be used as a footrest.  Some of the directions are right in the photos.  The steps to complete this project are actually quite simple, but do take a little patience.  There is a bit of taping and drying time.  This would make a great gift for anyone and can be adapted for any occasion, so run out and buy one of these little stools and let the stamping and decorating begin! 



  1. As you can see in the photo of (most of) the supplies used, this is done with your simple everyday acrylic paints and inexpensive foam brushes. 
  2. Let the taping and painting begin!
  3. While the first coat of paint is drying, we’ll move on to the stamped flowers. The strips of color you see are literally just that!  No thought about it required, just slap some colors the length of the bond paper as shown and let it dry.  
  4. I used plain bond paper because it is thin and better for use as a decoupage medium.  Card stock is a little too thick for that, especially if you use a brush on varnish.  The paint will actually make the paper stronger.
  5. When your strips of color are dry, stamp the flowers with the black acrylic paint sponged onto the stamps.  Clean the stamps immediately because acrylic paint dries fast.  Set aside to dry.
  6. Add the glitter glue highlights.  When that dries, cut out the flowers and set them aside for later.
  7. The next three photos show the taping and paint orders for your initial stripes on the top of the foot stool.  The thinner Laguna Blue and copper stripes are done after the second coat of the wider stripes is thoroughly dry.  You can reuse the tape from the wide stripes to tape off half the width of the blank stripes left to create the thinner ones. 
  8. The underside of the top can be whichever of the colors you decide. 
  9. I chose the Baroque flourish for two reasons: 1- I absolutely love flourishes and 2- this one fits perfectly on the sides of the base!  Adding the clear stamps is optional; I just thought they’d add a little something to the flourish.  It looks good either way. 
  10. Now for the flowers.  It will be easier for placement and spacing if you start with the top and bottom large flowers and then the left and right large ones.  Fill in with the small ones for the oval arrangement, however, you can arrange them as you’d like.  You can also use any corner stamps you’d like or just leave them blank.  
  11. Attach the flowers using the Mod Podge and a foam brush.  Spread the entire back of the flower with the glue and place it where you want it.  Smooth the flower with your fingers to get any air bubbles out, and then brush more of the decoupage glue on top of it.  The little dots are done with the Black Diamond Stickles glitter glue.
  12. Believe it or not, I used the same foam brush for all of the painting!  The trick is to dampen the brush before you use it so it’s easier to clean the paint off of it.
  13. The flowers on the side of the base are optional too.  Because mine were added as an afterthought, I found that I didn’t have two of the same color left because the two blues on the top are different (and I only had two of each large flower to work with)!  It doesn’t bother me that there are two different blues on the base, but you can preplan your layout to have matching flowers! 
  14. Final step after everything is dry (and after you’ve signed it!) is to apply at least two coats of varnish, following manufacturer’s directions for whichever one you choose.

Have fun with this project and if it’s for a gift, I’m sure whoever receives it will love it.


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  1. Fabulous tutorial! Thank you for sharing. Your steps. You put a lot of time into this post and I will be trying this wonderful technique. Thank you again!

  2. Thanks for your reply to my question.

  3. Thanks for all the wonderful comments everyone! Glad you liked my little project. I am a big fan of painting just about anything (walls, floors, clothes....)! I especially love painting and stamping or stenciling wooden furniture for kids.

    To jogry, the tape you see on the back is just to show how I ended the tape for the stripes. I wrap it over the edge to the back to keep the paint edges clean. Hope that helps explain it. No, I don't have a video (but I wish I did!)! I did good to get those pictures taken!!!

    Thanks again for checking out my footstool project!


  4. Lovely, thanks for sharing. Jogry told me about your site.

  5. WOW--this is GREAT! I'm now on the hunt for wooden things I can do something similar with!
    TFS your fantastic work with us!!!

  6. Wonderful footstool, great job. Love your colors.

  7. That little footstool is just sooooo terrific and attractive. You did a wonderful job and the directions are easy to follow!


  8. Great project, Regina!!! And it turned out beautiful.
    Hugs, Penny

  9. This is fantastic! You can send it to me at.... LOL
    Excellent tutorial and now I want to refinish all my furniture. 🙂
    Thanks for the inspirational ideas
    Lisa xx

  10. I am a little bit confused with the strips. Why do you put the stripes on the back side?

  11. Love it, I have 4 little tables to paint. I will paint 2 in the hindeloopen folkart.and 2 in the above style.
    Do you have a video of this technique?
    I am better at watching a video.
    Thanks for sharing.