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Paper and Ink Pens

By: Nancy Thaut, Artistic Guide

I always find it interesting that when I see something I really like, the colors are perfect, and I know exactly what inks and pens have been used and I try to do exactly the same thing, but it doesn’t look the same.  The picture shown below is using the same three ink pens which were orange, wheat and cream-yellow and a water brush.
Although neither of these two papers is watercolor paper, I decided I’d try and blend the three colors together.  A water brush does not work well on card stock as you can see with the paler yellow and darker wheat colored card.  The other card stock is the backside of glossy card stock.  Glossy card stock is not as absorbant, therefore you can blend the colors. The stamp I used is from Yvonne Albritton Designs.  My finished cards are shown below.

Both cards have Pennywise beads for the centers.  I used the pop dots for the first time on the darker card and found they hold the beads on the card much better than using glue or two-sided paper stickers.  Try experimenting with different papers and ink and see how different your colors show up.


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  1. Thanks for the wonderful information!

  2. Thank you. Always have fun doing cards and always looking for new ideas and technique tips

  3. Thanks for the technique tips. Your cards are lovely.

  4. lol....Casey described it perfectly. Same here. Yours came out great!

  5. you did a lovely job....for me....coloring is like a "new haircut"....I envision something in my head....but it just doesn't seem to work...but yours TOTALLY WORKS!!!!!!