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Those Pesty Reverse Stamps

By: Sue Trembeth, Artistic Guide

Hello  Faithful Artists!

Have you all seen all those new reverse stamps that Hero Arts has come out with? I would look at them and think, "What the heck?!  I can't use these!" I would just pass them by without another glance!


While blog hopping one day, I came across a video by Jennifer Maguire using these pesty reverse stamps. I watched the video and I was HOOKED!! I immediately was on HA website ordering a variety of reverse stamps.

When my package finally arrived I spent the day in my Studio playing.  I am sure I have only begun to find all the possibilities.

Over the next few days I will show you a variety of samples using reverse stamps.

Lets start with what hooked me.

Please watch this video by Jennifer Maguire:

Layered Embossed Resist

The card featured today is basically just an exact copy of what Jennifer did. You have to start at the beginning, you know! Come back tomorrow and I will have more samples and some how-tos.

See you soon,

Sue T.

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  1. WOW! I love this technique. Can't wait to buy of these stamps and try it myself. Sue, you never cease to amaze me!!!

  2. Edna-

    Stay tune- I think we can find a technique for everyone! If not let me know the problem and I will try to work it out with you!

  3. I got all excited about the video and forgot to return and comment... Love this. Too Too cool. I am not great on the building of color process with out a paint brush. With practice this might could get me there. great tutorial. just great stuff. thanks for the insight. some more things to try.. yea!

  4. I watched the video. Interesting!!! Never seen these before....will have to keep my eye out.

    Love this site...always showing me something new...like you say...you never know what you will find on the trail!!!!

  5. I have tried to use this stamp many times after watching the original video and still having trouble having it come out well. Hope you can offer some other suggestions. Edna B.

  6. Wow! How gorgeous!

  7. Kindred spirits we must be - did exactly the same thing except I was able to find some here - only have one - used some restraint this time - (a rare occurence!) Will post picture of mine!

  8. this is great fun, good way to use an old dictionary!

  9. I planned heading out anyway today and you can bet I'll look for some of the reverse stamps! I was able to watch the video and am hooked.

  10. Wow, I just bought a couple of those stamps from 7Kids college funds just because I liked the way they looked, now I LOVE the way they look and am really looking forward to more examples of using them. Thanks a lot!

    Check out April's specials and
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    Samples always available

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  11. Is anyone else having probs with Youtube? I don't what is wrong but it has been like it for a couple of days for me. Pic comes up and you hear the audio but no more visual as it plays.. I'll keep trying.

  12. I've never heard of them before.. Will read and watch with interest 🙂