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The Cuttlebug–It’s Love

by: Chris Herrmann

 I have recently come into possession of a Cuttlebug. No, it isn't an insect or a cute new pet. It is a die cutting and embossing  machine manufactured by Provo Craft that I really didn't think I would have any use for.  My niece owned it but wanted a different machine that Stampin' Up! carries. She insisted that I would really, really love this machine and should have it, so I reluctantly took it.  And there it sat in my workroom unused for the longest time.  

I stamp and this machine didn't stamp, so why would I use it?  Well....let me tell you why.  I finally tried doing a few things with it and still wasn't that impressed.  Sure everything came out great but the problem was that I was making the same things that everyone else was and that just isn't my style.  I like  "doing my own thing" and this wasn't it.

Then I saw something on a blog called Stampin' With Di.  This blog is written by a friend of mine, Diana Gibbs, who is a Stampin'  Up! rep and a very talented artist.  Diana teaches classes, and in every class she teaches you get your money's worth. Here is her URL if you would like to check her out:


Recently she posted a class she will be teaching this month and it made me start thinking. I got out my Cuttlebug and started experimenting. This is what I came up with:

by: Chris Herrmann

I am not going to post my directions in fairness to Diana, who will post hers after her class sometime this month, but I can tell from her supply list that my card is made differently. I will give you a hint though. I have been using foil stamp in my Cuttlebug for many projects like picture frames and Christmas balls. These do not include stamping, but my point is this; you can incorporate most non-stamping devices into your stamping creations with just a bit of experimenting. I really do love my Cuttlebug and use it all the time.

Now go experiment and send us some of your creations.

Chris Herrmann

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  1. Cynthia, that should read "foil tape". You can pick it up in WalMart in the section that sells hardware. There are two kinds of tape,one with a blue backing and one with a brown paper looking backing. The brown backing is the one I used here.

  2. I have to be sold on it. why is is to marvelous? what does it do that I can't do any other way. OK I am a cheep skate... I don't want to spend the money if it is not really FAB..

  3. this is from the die cut-aholic. I have a Wizard, a Cuttlebug, a Big Shot, a Side-Kick and the Quickutz hand tool. Got each of them at least 50% off and "had" to have them. Which one works best? Depends on the die I am using. Many of the intricate dies will require you to run the through several times, changing the position of the die with each pass through. Hmmm, I need to do a Tips, Tricks and Techniques article on this!!!!

  4. Hi Chris - I like the look of the project you shared. Would you tell me what
    "foil stamp" is? I am not familiar with this term (or product). --thanks.

  5. I have had my Cuttlebug for a year now, and I love it. I use it every week for cutting and embossing paper, card, metal, grungeboard...and I too would replace it should it ever break (although it's such a sturdy little thing that that's unlikely!). Just going to follow that link to Diana's site...

  6. I finally purchased one a couple of years ago and keep buying more Spellbinders to use in it, along with all the folders from cuttlebug. I use it so much that if it ever should break, would definitely go right out and buy another one. Thanks for sharing. Edna