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Cleaning rubber stamps

Have a stamp that is terribly ink stained and it is making you crazy? Here is a simple, and often good way, to clean up your stamps:

Place a folded paper towel in a paper plate and soak it with Simple Green. (properly diluted according to the directions) I will often pick up the stamp and check on the progress as I am working on other projects. If you have am extra juicy ink pad that has caused ink to get into the crevasses of your stamp (this is a frequent problem with highly detailed stamps) try using an old tooth brush to finish the cleaning. 

I always rinse the cleaner off my stamps. No matter what kind of cleaner it is. I don't want any residue from the cleaner to interact with the next ink used on the stamp. Now you will hear that your wood stamps should never be in water - that the mounting foam will mold and the wood will warp. I have been stamping for 16 years and have some 16 year old stamps. I have never had the foam go bad or the wood warp. The only way that I could imagine this happening is if you stored many just rinsed wood mounted stamps in an air tight container. 

A little hint on finding Simple Green, if it is not in the cleaners section then try automotive section. 

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Publisher's Note:  I have found Simple Green at the Dollar Store.

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4 Responses »

  1. Some of us can't stand the odor of Simple Green so don't buy a huge bottle until you try it. Great product I can't use. Unscented baby wipes without alcohol work fine for me.

  2. What part of Simple Green to what part water??? Edna

  3. I never clean my stamps unless i have to!! Just a few stamp offs on scrap and I am good to go. A dirty stamp is a loved stamp!!

    PS I gotta admit this has bitten me in the *** once in a blue moon!!

  4. I was told to mix simple green with the water and add 5-6 drops of glycerin. ( helps protect the rubber

    also, if traveling and you use baby wipes,make sure they do NOT have lanolin in them.