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Club Scrap Product Review

Club Scrap  
By Susan Wolf Caplan, Product Guru

Club Scrap is a monthly mail order scrapbook club, which began in 1999.  Each monthly kit is unique and designed for beginners as well as advanced scrapbookers or stampers.  The kits contain coordinated materials to create a multitude of projects.



 My kit came in a pizza-sized box.  As I opened the box, I could not believe how much was included. There were 12 sheets of premium 12" x 12" cardstock in coordinating colors.  There were 12 photo mattes, die cuts, stickers and card stock with images already printed on them.  Also included were recipe cards and instructions for creating various layouts.  There seems to have been nothing left out for creating amazing pages or projects.



I was eager to dig my hands into the box and begin playing.  Since I do not scrapbook, I decided to make a project.  There were so many projects flowing through my head when I saw the papers, but I settled on one for the time being.  Since there is so much material in the kit, I can go back at a later date and create some of my other ideas. 








On this day I decided to grab a cardboard house that was begging to be adorned.  I began by measuring and cutting the lavender cardstock to fit the sides and roof of the house.  After gluing the sides of the house on, I corrugated the roof piece and ran an ink pad over the top to make the ridges stand out.







Next, I measured and cut out the yellow cardstock for the drawer fronts.  I used the included decorative stamp to create a pattern on the front with white pigment ink. The stamp was wood mounted, highly etched and a real pleasure to use.

I glued the now decorative fronts on to the drawers and then added rhinestone stickers around the openings.







I then measured the chimney and cut out enough decorative paper to wrap around it.  When that was done, I glued it down.

In the kit I found preprinted decorative edges on white paper.  I colored them with lavender and yellow pencils, then cut them out and glued them to the sides and top of the chimney.  I glued lavender flower rhinestones and rhinestone stickers on top.




It was a really fun project to make.

What I liked about the kit I received was the variety of materials.  All the materials coordinated, which made designing a breeze.  However, if one is a beginner that will not be a problem, as the kit includes excellent photos of finished projects and instructions.


I found the presentation, materials, photos and instructions to be professionally done.  Included was a cleverly created menu which had various items from ala carte to full fare memberships.  There was something to fit every budget.  They even have Digital memberships for those of you who like to keep your materials on your computers.

I give this company an A+.

Publisher's Note:  Club Scrap donated kits for the Stamper's Quest Questiversary celebrations. We had an extra kit left over and decided to forward it on to Susan for a product review.  Great job Susan!  And great kits, Club Scrap!  Thanks so much for providing them.

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  1. I too am a proud member of club scrap as well as a 'home based' rep for the company. I am grateful to you for the review, and love the project that you have done with this kit - it's perfect!! There are so many options out there - to get the products from a local rep rather than joining the monthly club would be an option for those on a tighter budget, so check it out - it might be easier than you thought!!

  2. I love these clubs however; I am a procrastinator and have not finished any thing other than gifts, not a scrapbook in sight for me. I have tons of supplies and have not done much of any thing. sigh... such I do to the chagrin of myself for having all this stuff and doing so little. tisk tisk.

  3. I've belonged to Club Scrap for 6 years now and my enjoyment of their products has not diminished. In fact, I am amazed that they are able to come up with such fresh themes, designs, and colors every month! The Scrap Rap is one of my favorite parts of the kit as it includes wonderful ideas that I actually use. And like others have said, I find I spend much less on this hobby on a monthly basis than I used to because Club Scrap gives me plenty of beautiful, high-quality, fun materials to work with!

  4. I'm so pleased to see your review on Club Scrap. I've been a member for 2 1/2 years. I was a stamper when I joined. But when I began to understand Club Scrap's method of Assembly Line Scrapbooking I became a scrapper as well. The quality of their exclusively designed papers is astounding and a thrill to receive each month. Their service is unparalleled. Their generosity of kit materials is an amazing value. Come visit Club Scraps Forum known as the Coffee House. There you will find a family of fellow scrappers, stampers and crafters who will welcome you with open arms and share their creativity happily.

  5. I've been an avid Club Scrap member since 2004, and can honestly say that Club Scrap is a fantastic value. Each kit is packed with materials, in unique designs and high quality paper that you won't find anywhere else. I get a big thrill each month when my own personal kit arrives and I get to open it and see the materials Club Scrap created for us.

    You also will be hard pressed to meet a company that cares about it's customers as much as Club Scrap. If anything is wrong with your order, you can e-mail or call them. If you call, you will - *gasp* - talk to a real person who truly cares. They often remember me when I call, and I don't call often.

    Non-digital kit prices range from $10.95 (CS Jr paper only kit) to $30.95 for the full Club Scrap kit. I find I actually spend less on scrapbooking supplies in general, since most other paper and stamps just don't have the quality I now expect. Of course, I load up my box with little extras because I just have to have it all! The Club Stamp kit, for example, is $27.95, and includes loads of paper, a "side order" of your choice, a wood mounted stamp, and a 5.5 x 8.5 unmounted sheet of rubber. Plus, all of the ideas mentioned above! In my shopping around, I think it would be hard to find just the stamps at the price they charge.

    I love Club Scrap!

  6. I've been a member of Club Scrap since 2006...mostly a paper crafter and sometimes a scrapbooker...their kits are to die for...as is their customer service...Thanks for a great review!

  7. There is no other club like Club Scrap. They are incredible people with an exceptional product! Every Kit is a wonderful surprise that is loaded with instructions on layouts and projects. I am beyond grateful that I happened on to them. The Jr. Kit is beyond reasonable - for a tight budget. The Sr. Kit is icing on the cake!

    I love the little house that you did...

  8. I love Club Scrap and used to watch TV Weekly tutorials every week. The only thing that holds me back is the price. It's a bit costly for those of us on a husband-imposed crafting budget. You do get a substantial amount of high quality product for the price though. Great for those that can afford it.