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Switch Plate Memories for the Inventor


Switch Plate Memories
By: Sue Trembeth, Artistic Guide

This project was inspired by Shari Carroll from her book- Layers


Smile Moments- D3042(Hero Arts)
Your History - C2712 (Hero Arts)
Moments- C2768 (Hero Arts)
Chloe's Closet paper pack (Making Memories)
Matte white card stock
Momentos Tuxedo Black dye ink (Tsukineko)
3 electical outlet or switch plate covers of your choice
Glue stick
Red line tape
PVA glue (Lineco)
Foam brush
Craft knife
Pearl gems of your choice
Flower embellishments of your choice
Two coordinating ribbons of your choice cut in 18 inch lengths
Photos to fit in openings of the switch plates


  1. Cut strips of a variety of papers. Using a foam brush cover the front of the switch plate with the PVA glue. Lay strips down on the switch plate in a pleasing pattern. Let the excess hang off of the plate. When the paper is dry, turn the plate over and glue strips down onto the back of the switch plate. Using a craft knife, cut out the window in the plate. Repeat this process with the other 2 switch plates.
  2. IMG_1434





  3. Take your matte card stock and trace the shape of the switch plate onto the paper and cut. You may have to trim it down a bit. This will be the backing on your switch plate.
  4. IMG_1459

  5. Pick the photos you want and trim to fit into the "windows" of the plates. Adhere the photos onto the pieces of backing with a glue stick.
  6. IMG_1462

  7. Using the PVA glue the backing onto the switch plates. Your photos will peek out of the openings.
  8. IMG_1466

  9. Place the 3 switch plates down in a horizontal row leaving about .5 inch space between each one. Take your 2 lengths of ribbon. Attach to the plates by weaving them under and over the  plates leaving about .25-inch edge from the top and the bottom of the plates.  Adhere the ribbon with the red line tape. You may trim any excess ribbon or adhere back onto themselves on the back of your frames.
  10. IMG_1469



  11. Stamp your sayings with the tuxedo black ink.
  12. IMG_1482

  13. Add embellishments of your choice.
  14. IMG_1491

  15. The finished frames can be displayed standing accordion style.
  16. IMG_1490

A tip I found helpful: I had extra plates and I practice stamping on these plates, first to get the feel for the space and any curves on the plate. I would just clean it off with stamp cleaner and stamp again till I got the stamping down.

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  1. clever... very clever wow for you even a double ----wow! wow!

  2. I second that, this is a darned cool idea!!! I've stamped on plate covers before, but NEVER thought to turn them into FRAMES!!! What a simply great idea, and so well implemented! TFS!

  3. What a great idea.