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Here's the easiest contest in our Questiversary!   We are just plain nosey and want to know...

How many Stamper's Quest projects have you tried to create?  How did they turn out?

Leave your comments on this post.  On August 24th we will announce the winner of a random drawing for a special prize!

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  1. Congratulations to ROCHELLE HUTZELL!!!! You are winner of our Leave a Comment drawing. Please email us your mailing address so we can send out your prize!


  2. I haven't tried any yet either but I always check out your site and have saved many to my stamping list. I hope to have some more time very shortly to make up some your great cards and etc.

  3. Haven't tried any yet, as this summer has been rough ( hospital trips etc) But I have saved most of them TO try 🙂
    and I love the newsletter coming in my email 🙂
    Thanks for the hard work and keep it up!

  4. My local stamp store just got these in for the first time last month. Since then, I've made probably 50 or 60 attempts. Some have made it to a card form but mostly I like the idea of "playing' with them. They are super easy to work with. I've tried them on glossy, regular cardstock, with the Copic Airbrush system, with Adirondack inks, Distress inks, with paint and I even made one with beeswax! I'm loving these stamps!!

  5. I've tried a few and most have turned out well. I've also used several as inspiration for other projects. Time constraints (as with most people) keep me from doing everything I'd like, but I have all the posts for those projects I still want to try in it's own "StampersQuest" inbox in my email so I know where to find them easily!

  6. I have tried several, however when I grow up I want to stamp and make projects like you all do...(my kids say I will never grow up). AAAmazzzing job you do! Keep the card lay outs comming! Color combos too! I make bits and peices stealing ideas absolutly.
    Lots of people on my send a card list. and Oh MY Thanksgiving and Christmas are comming.
    Our post-master can love you too.. Did you know the postal system designates more money to the areas that send out more mail, So I was told. thanks tons for all the work you do.

  7. I have done about 5 - the ones that turned out the best were the card layout challenges -Really enjoyed stampscape tutorials

  8. I haven't tried any either and do continue to be inspired. I have incorporated a few techniques. I loved the Stampscape tutorial and I'm using that. Does that count?

  9. i am so new to this group, and i am still overwhelmed by all the places to go and things to do. consequently, i have not joined in the play yet, but i will.

  10. So far I have only played with some techniques. I've printed out some of the projects to try at a later time (like winter, when I'm not so busy) and I am always inspired by the guests and the video tutorials (yay Maria!).

  11. I haven't tried any, and probably won't, but I DO check out the techniques, and make those my own! I'm just not the type to copy someone else's design.*wink*

  12. I have only tried 2 so far...but they came out great!

  13. I've tried none, but if I had more time I would try some.
    Artist Hugs...Joe

  14. I have tried techniques but not actual projects. I prefer to put my own spin on things. I continue to be inspired and love reading the mail each day.

  15. I haven't tried any of the actual projects, but I have tried to incorporate some of the techniques in my own work. The inspiration is invaluable.

  16. I have tried several techniques just to see how they are done, but don't always get a finished product out of them. I truely love to see all the ideas.

  17. I haven't tried any, but continue to be inspired.

  18. I am sad to say my number is 0, but then today is the first time I have visited your site and really looked around. Now that I have been here who knows what I might try.

  19. I have been so busy that I haven't tried any projects. I hope to try some in the near future.

    Thanks for the projects.

  20. I haven't tried any yet, but it's not for lack of inspiration. I just haven't had much time this past year to do much paper crafting, but enjoy looking at the email projects!

  21. hmmm I don't know how many projects I have actually sat down to try to follow on her ebut I know I get a heck of a lot of inspiration from SQ and I look forward to seeing the emails with the new projects in my email box!

  22. I have filed many away for future projects, but have actually tried two or three. And many of the monthly layouts. Everything has turned out well. Thanks for asking!

  23. Probably 20 have inspired me to create a card using an idea from this and an idea from that so the end result is nothing like any original. That is what I like to do the best. I love the scene stamping and I do spend a lot of time oohhhing and ahhhing. My favorite background right now is the Sand and Pebble technique video that you had a few weeks ago....I have been busy experimenting and have a pile of papers with that technique ....someday they will actually make it to a card!

  24. I've tried the scenic project....but I need to work a lot more to master that art. I do so appreciate the talent and inspiration that I receive each and every time I visit Stamper's Quest. Thanks so much for a great site.

  25. I try one at least every couple of weeks, sometimes more often, particularly if it's a new technique for me. Like the monthly "sketes". I NEED inspiration and love the site.

  26. I have tried a lot of your ideas. Most have turned out well, but a couple haven't. I especially like the scenes, like the stampscapes. Also like the fllowers and children ones. Keep it up. Edna Burgess

  27. I've only tried one - herringbone. Problem is I'm now addicted to it I LOVE it. Even plain white paper is no longer safe from me - a bit of Memories mist, strips of glitter and I'm away. Have done it as a baby card, as a birthday card in friend's football team colours, thank you card and a just cos.

  28. I've tried 2 but this last year has been crazy for me and just getting back into craft again.
    Hetty... Hello. Long time no see - Sharonv

  29. I have tried none, but just looking at them inspired me to make my own cards and projects.