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Christmas in August

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People usually think of  'Christmas in July.' For me, Christmas starts in August. My husband and I are members of Oregon's largest choir: Portland's 'Singing Christmas Tree,' with 300 voices. We get our new music the first Monday of August every year, so our Christmas atmosphere starts early. We rehearse every Monday night as a choir and we practice on our own during the week, memorizing 19 songs for this year's performances. We give 6 performances during the Thanksgiving Weekend (Friday-Sunday) and 4 more the next weekend. Last year we performed for 26,000+ people. What a wonderful experience. Here is the link if you want to take a small peek of what we do:  

Portland, Oregon's Singing Christmas Tree

So this has me thinking about Christmas and my yearly Christmas cards. I'm one of those who does the 'crunch' thing and I decided I don't want to do that anymore.  I'm going to try to make 5 cards a week and hopefully I'll be finished and have them ready to mail after our performances with 'The Tree.' I'm going to challenge you to start your cards early. Let us know if you have any ideas to share on how you manage to get everything finished for the holidays. Maybe some of you have schedules, or lists, etc., that help you. Please give those suggestions.

Here is an impressive looking card that I like to do. It's called the Diamond Fold Card and is a lot of fun to make.

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  1. 4" x 12" cardstock of your choice
  2. Ruler
  3. Pencil
  4. Bone Folder
  5. Scor-Pal or Scor-it (These are optional. As you will see in the video link at the bottom, you can do this by folding.)

Photo 3

Working from the top edge:

  1. Following the picture of the template above, make a small, light, pencil mark at center (6") and then score at 2", 4", 8", 10".
  2. Score a diagonal line to the right from the 2" score mark down to the center (6") pencil mark.
  3. Score a diagonal line to the right from the center (6") pencil mark  down to the 10" score mark.
  4. Score a diagonal line to the left from the center (6") pencil mark down to the 2" score mark.
  5. Score a diagonal line to the left from the 10" score mark down to the center (6") pencil mark.
  6. Using your bone folder for crisp lines, follow the template to see where to make the 'valley' and 'mountain' folds. When closed, the card is 4" x 4" and when open, it will stretch out, as you will see.
  7. Decorate and embellish as you desire. The large triangle panels could be stamped, embellished, etc. The first one I made had a sentiment in the first triangle and my message in the last one. I only had a stamped image in the center of the card.

Below is a link where I first saw this card. It was easy to make. I drew the template because I taught this card in a class and the ladies wanted directions to take home with them. I hope you enjoy this little card. It is quick and easy to make for one of those last minute items.  Ü

YouTube - Diamond Fold Card

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