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And the Winners are….

Over 160 people voted and  8 lucky contestants have been selected to continue on to the next round of our Trail Master contest!  So who won the 2nd round - Friendship Cards?  Take a look (in no particular order):












Mary Jane





The next round is Scenic Cards!  Contestants, please upload your card to the Scenic Card album on Stamper's Quest Contest Yahoo Group no later than noon on Friday, August 14th. The poll will open shortly thereafter, and 7 will win prizes from Stampscapes and the opportunity to move forward to the next round!

Congratulations to our winners of the Friendship round! Your cards were truly fantastic.  It was a tough choice!  Be watching for your prizes from Club Scrap.

And, a great big thank you to Club Scrap for hosting this round of our contest! 

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  1. Hi Edna
    Thanks again Edna for your comments. I enjoy making all kinds of cards but I really do enjoy scenic the most as I always amaze myself what I can do by putting all these scenic stamps together. Scenic spanping is addictive for me.

  2. Debbie gets my #1 vote and Cathy #2. Both are great cards, but know Debbie spent lots of time on hers. Good luck to both of you. Edna B.

  3. Winners -

    Just wanted to let you know that your prizes have gone out in the mail. You should receive your Club Scrap prize within the next week.

  4. Again it is an honor to be included in a group of such talented artists. I agree with Karyn and Sharon that "Senic Cards" does sound challenging. Thanks to all involved with sponsoring this fun and inspiring contest.

  5. I'm so honored to be going on. They were all wonderful cards. Thanks for hosting and thank you to all the generous donors. I received my prize pack from the first round. Wonderful items. Thank you!

  6. Hi Karyn (and all continuing contestants)...

    Yes, one card only to enter in the 3rd round.


  7. Is this again 1 card only for entering or multiple cards are allowed?

    I am going to have to tell my dh I can't help him with chores tomorrow so I can stamp and get things done by Friday LOL!

  8. Hi
    I am excited to be continuing on. This was a hard vote for sure as there were so many beautiful freindship cards. Thanks to scrap club for donating these prizes.

  9. Thank you for everyone that voted. I truly thought that I would be out after this round!! All the cards were fantastic. Same as Karyn, I have no idea what I am going to for "scene"... that topic has totally thrown me.... Eeek.. Goodluck, girls!

  10. Thanks so much everyone who voted 🙂 All of the cards were great - it was not an easy vote! Scenic cards - Oh My I have "scene" some that blow me away - these are NOT my forte so this will be a challenge!