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Trail Master Contest – Round 2 Entries

Excitement is building as we continue down the trail in search of our new Trail Master!

Today ends the submission of Round 2 entries - Friendship Cards, and the polls open for you, our readers, to begin voting.  You are charged with voting for 8 contestants who will continue on to Round 3.  Voting will take place on our Stamper's Quest Contest Yahoo Group.  If you have not joined, it's easy to do and only takes a few minutes.  No waiting for approval is necessary.  Just complete the membership form and in you're in! 

A poll is set up for you to enter your votes - remember you are choosing 8 contestants to continue to the next round.  To look at the entries, go to the Photos section of the Contest group and click on Friendship Cards, Round 2.  Then click on Polls on the left sidebar. This will take you to the poll page. Click on the current poll to vote.

You have until midnight Sunday (August 9th) to enter your vote. Winners will be announced Monday, August 10th. These winners will proceed to the next round, and will be given the theme for Round 3.

The Friendship Card round is sponsored by Club Scrap. Each winner will receive a cool kit from Club Scrap


Here are the Round 2 entries.  The theme for this round is Friendship Cards.



















The voting is going to be tough!  These cards are just awesome!  Good luck, contestants!

Hike on over to Stamper's Quest Contest Yahoo Group and vote for 8 contestants to continue on to Round 3!

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7 Responses »

  1. Oh My a package from Bea last night in my box with a great kit in it from Club Scrap! Something new for me to try and a menu of all the items offered from Club Scrap too - what a great prize - thank you so much!

  2. Thanks Edna and Mary Jane for your comments on my card. And thanks to all who voted for me as well. All the cards were great and lots of good ideas shared. Debbie

  3. I love the dgcmw 5 card.They are al great.

  4. I love the dgcmw5 card. The colors are perfect and the scene beautiful. Great job. Edna Burgess

  5. Hi everyone - If you go to the stampersquest contest - Yahoo group - photos you can see all of the creations with the names that match the names in the poll. It's easy to join the group - just press the join this group button and you're in.

    Great cards everyone!

  6. You are right. It was very hard to tell which vote was for which card.

  7. confusing to vote as the cards here aren't named the same as in the poll.

    Good luck to everyone these are wonderful cards!