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Elegant Get Well card for the Discoverer


Elegant Get Well Card
By: Regena, Artistic Guide

Finished size:  5" x 7"

Chandelier (Inkadinkado)
Paper Texture Cube (Stampendous)
Marble Cube (Stampendous)
Get Well (The Stamp Barn)
10" x 7" white textured cardstock for card base (Bazzill)
8.5" x 11" matte coated white cardstock (Marco’s Paper)
12" x 12" Black Glimmer cardstock (The Paper Company)
Coal Black Ancient Page ink (Clearsnap)
HermaFix Tape Runner (EK Success)
Scotch brand paper adhesive (3M)
Heat Gun (Milwaukee)
Black marker (Tombow)
Brad Combos Black/White (Making Memories)
Frosted Lace Stickles glitter glue (Ranger)
Black and White flowered Ribbon (Dashes, Dots and Checks- Michaels)Deckle edge scissors (Fiskars)
.125” Hole punch
Paper Trimmer (Fiskars)


  1. Score and fold the textured cardstock in half to make the 5" x 7" card base.
  2. Cut a sheet of white matte cardstock into four quarters  (5.5" x 4.25”).   On one quarter, stamp the chandelier image in the upper left corner and the Get Well text in the lower left corner with the Coal Black ink.  Set aside to dry (or dry with the heat gun).  Note: Stamping your image in the corner rather than in the center of your cardstock saves paper if you plan to trim the image to a smaller panel and it makes it easier.  Also, you will need to dry the ink because you’re stamping on coated card stock and the ink doesn’t soak into the paper right away.  Regular uncoated cardstock won’t have to be dried.
  3. SQRegenaGetWellphoto1

  4.  Trim the chandelier image to 2.25" x 2.625".  Edge with the black marker and dry with the heat gun before layering to a 2.5 x 2.875” white panel (cut from the remainder of the quarter sheet you stamped the images on).  Trim the Get Well to 2" x 1", edge with black marker and set both pieces aside. 
  5. SQRegenaGetWellphoto2

  6. On two of the remaining quarters, stamp the ‘dots’ side of the paper texture cube all over one piece and the ‘crackle’ side of the marble cube on the other piece in Coal Black.  Set aside to dry.
  7. Cut the following 3 pieces from the Black Glimmer cardstock:  4.75" x 3", 3" x 3.375" and 3" x 1.5". Cut a 5.5" x .5" strip of textured white cardstock.  Trim one long edge with the deckle edge scissors.  Cover the entire strip with Frosted Lace glitter glue. Set aside to dry.
  8. Adhere the chandelier panel to the 3" x 3.375" black glimmer with the paper adhesive.  Run a thin bead of the glue just around the edge of the back of the chandelier panel.  No glue (or tape) in the center!   Make sure to leave room between the edge of the panel and the glue to avoid glue seeping out.  Edge the black panel with marker.
  9. Attach one of the (approximate)  .5" black and white brads to the upper right corner of the panel.  Add some Frosted Lace glitter glue accents to the chandelier image and in the remaining three corners. Set aside to dry.
  10. SQRegenaGetWellphoto2a

  11. Trim the ‘dots’ panel to 4.25" x 2.75" and edge with black marker.  Layer this to the large black glitter piece with one edge even with the larger panel.  Edge the black panel and set aside.
  12. SQRegenaGetWellphoto3

  13. Trim the marble panel to 5" x 3.75", edge with black and adhere to the bottom half of the card front with the tape runner.   Attach the dots panel to the top of the card.  Run a bead of paper adhesive down the long sides of the Frosted Lace strip and center across the seam where the background panels meet.  Let the glue dry for a minute and trim the excess. 
  14. SQRegenaGetWellphoto4

  15. Glue the Get Well panel to the last cut piece of the Black Glimmer cardstock, centering it on the left side.  This will leave about .75" on the right side to attach the ribbon.  Edge this panel with black marker also.
  16. Cut four 3" pieces of the ribbon.  Wrap one piece around the right side of the Get Well panel and attach with glue to the back.  Fold each of the other three in half to make loops and secure to the left side of the panel with the paper adhesive as shown.  
  17. SQRegenaGetWellphoto5

  18. To attach the chandelier panel and have it lay flat, you will need to add two scrap pieces of the same textured white cardstock used for the deckle edge strip.  The pieces will be attached with a space in between to match the width of the white glittered strip.  The easiest way to do this is to cut a panel the same size as the black glimmer panel, then trim the width and height by .125".  Lay the panel face down where it will be attached over the white strip.  Lay the scrap panel on top of the back and mark the top and bottom edges where the strip will cross.   This is the section you will cut off.
  19. SQRegenaGetWellphoto6

  20. Glue the two scrap pieces to the back of the chandelier panel.  Attach both panels (chandelier and Get Well) to the front of the card as shown.
  21. Sign your elegant card!   Anyone who’s “under the weather” would really feel special receiving this one!

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  1. love the black and white!