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Maria’s Stampscapes Video #4

Without further ado,  jump right into today's video.   Enjoy!

Part #4:

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  1. Thank you all for your wonderful comments. I am so glad you are enjoying the video tutorials and are learning something new. That is what it is all about 😉 Judy I can certainly share techniques on how I create effects different effects to create skies that range from blue to a beautiful pinky orange sunset. Sounds like a new video tutorial idea! Try this for a start:
    1) Glossy cardstock, a cosmetic sponge, 1 med. shade of blue dye-ink pad.
    2) Large rectangular post-it note, thin scratch paper or even a piece of paper towel torn across the top with peaks and valleys
    3) Place your torn paper, peaks pointing downward, then lightly sponge. Move torn paper up and across a bit to the left or right, then sponge again. What you will get is a simple cloudy sky!!! Give it a try 😉

    If any of you cannot find the gel pens locally, my favorite online store for Uniball-Signo Angelic pens in white, yellow, purple, blue, green, orange and red are at: http://www.jetpens.com

    These pens are wonderful! When you want to add specks of color to simulate wildflowers growing in a meadow scene or along a river bank.

    I hope you all will post your creations using this technique soon! I would love to see them 😉
    Creatively yours,

  2. Hi Maria, I loved the tutorial, can't wait to try it.Thank you for the idea with the pens, when you need touch up. I am a beginner and have much to learn.

  3. Great series of tutorials, Maria. I hope I can follow your lead. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the gel pen.

  4. Dear Maria,

    Thank you so much for showing us step by step how to use sponges. I love stampscapes but had trouble getting the effect I wanted. Never thought to use the sponges the way you demonstrated. I love the effect. I have done several already. I am interested in different effects with skies without using a stamp. Do you have any suggestion on how to make interesting skies using sponges and different colors? Thanks again for broading my perspective with sponges.

    Judy Ostwald

  5. Thank you for this series - it is great - can not wait to see what happens with the gel pen!