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Chips Ahoy: my adventures with paint chips- Day 5, the wrap up


Paint Chips, Day Five

 Well what do you think? Are the home improvement stores safe?  Is there going to be a crowd of paper crafters rioting in front of the paint chip? Hands reaching out grabbing chips off the rack!!  Remember, there is plenty for everyone.

 When you do go, check out the different home improvement stores. They each have different chips available.

 Today I am showing you more samples using the variety of paint chips we have talked about.




 Closing out the week, I challenge you all to a paint chip throw down ( If any of you watch the Food Network and Bobby Flay you know what I am talking about). Make your own paint chip cards and upload them to our Sketchbook. Make sure to let us know you uploaded artwork in the Sketchbook so we can tell everyone to check them out!

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7 Responses »

  1. I really loved this series. It was fantastic! I raided a Lowes over the weekend and took so many of the paint chips, I thought I wa going to be arrested as I was coming out.

  2. ya hoo !! more fun stuff!

  3. Thanks to all of you who have been following this series. I had the best time creating all these cards!!

    Sue T.

  4. Sue - I think you're amazing. Now everytime I drop by my favorite home improvement stores I'll be grabbing a few paint chips!

  5. I have really enjoyed this week on paint chips. You can
    do so many interesting and different cards.Thank you.

    Watch out WALMART , here I come to the paint department.
    Hope they don't throw me out.I'll only take a few at a time.

  6. What a great idea Sue T. Your cards are great. I will be off to Lowes or Home Depot to pick up paint chips