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Sunday International Stamp Review

Sunday International Unmounted Stamps
By: Susan Wolf Caplan, Product Guru


I received a stamp set from Sunday International.  It is one of their new ATC size stamp sets.  Which means that they are sized to fit on a 2.5" by 3.5" card. The stamps are deeply etched rubber that is already closely trimmed on foam, with self cling on the back.  The cutting is already done. What a joy!


The set is stored on a double-sided sturdy coated board.  It is indexed on one side and then blank on the back where the stamps are stored.  The indexed side has punches along the left side allowing for them to be stored in a 3-ring binder.  I  LOVE this system.  With one quick glance I can see all the stamps that are stored on the board.  This is very useful to me for designing.

I have, however, found one draw back to the indexing.  It is only 75% of the image of the stamp.  So the stamps are larger than the indexing.  I would prefer the indexing and the stamps to be the same size.  I am quite visual and need to see the exact size of my image when designing.


I took my first stamp off the board and placed it onto my acrylic block.  As advertised this stamp held firm to the block.  I soon came to a temporary glitch.

How was I going to color these stamps.  If you are at all familiar with Dee Gruenig’s work, then you know that she uses markers to color her stamps.

Here is where the tricky part comes in.  During one of my craft purges about a year ago, I donated all  of my markers, as I found I wasn’t using them.  I tend to do this a few times a year.  Presently, I am sitting on 3 garbage bags full of mounted stamps from a recent purge. They are all awaiting good homes.  Makes my friend crazy!

So, I only have ink pads to color my stamps with.  Most of these stamps are solid images, and small to boot, which posed quite a challenge.  Normally I would color these images with more than one color, but that was too difficult, so I chose to ink the stamps with a medium tone and then add hi-lights and shading with color pencils.   This worked very well.  I could put the color down on the image exactly where I wanted it.

However, I would still suggest using markers.  Place the color down on the stamps where you want it, “huff” on the rubber to moisten the ink and then stamp.

The colors look amazing on glossy cardstock.

I must say that I am a true fan of Sunday International.  The set I received was of great quality, easy to use, and easily stored.  Looks like they thought of everything.

The only draw back I found was the index sizing.  An index 75% of the actual size of the stamp, doesn’t work for me.  That is why I am giving this review an A instead of an A+.

I can’t wait to see what other images they have in store for us.





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  1. A good to know. I am not good at indexing in the first place. so this difference may not make a big difference for me. However I also do not use a binder to keep them in. I just keep them in the boxes they come in and now many have droped the box thing I am running out of drawer space. I may have to learn this way of storing and figure it all out. Thanks for the info..