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Mix Your Media!

Hello Stampers!  It's me, Christine, with my very first blog post on Stamper's Quest.  Actually, it's my very first blog post EVER!  I'm here today to give you some advice.  Health is a big topic in the media these days with headlines like "Take Your Vitamins" and "Eat Your Cheerios."  Think of it as a prescription to help you grow healthy and strong as a stamp artist.  My advice to you - Mix Your Media!

When I first started stamping, my art was very traditional in the fact that I used the "expected" materials that any stamper would use: stamps, inks, paper, and if I was feeling really adventurous, ribbon.  I think that we need to go through this phase to test the waters and get comfortable with our materials.  Over time, I was exposed to the artwork of other stampers and this inspired me to spread my wings and try out new techniques and dabble with new materials.  Today, I enjoy incorporating rubber stamps into mixed media.  

So what does mixed media mean anyway?  Very simply, mixed media is defined as: a technique involving the use of two or more artistic media, such as ink and pastel or painting and collage, that are combined in a single composition.  To illustrate this, I created a very simple ATC:


Mixed media does not have to be complicated.  This ATC started off with my wanting to use this great rubber stamp from Paperbag Studios.  I went to the Paperbag studios website to browse the gallery and look for inspiration.  I then stumbled upon a free digital download of "paper".  Now these digital downloads are very popular in the scrapbooking world, but that didn't stop me from using it in my creation.  That is the heart of mixed media - using a variety of art media and materials in conjunction with one another.  I printed out the digital paper onto ink jet printable canvas and then cut to size.  Next, I stamped my image onto vellum using Graphite Black Brilliance ink and colored the image from the backside using Prismacolor markers.  I tore carefully around the image and adhered using gel medium.  The bottom of the composition seemed undefined so I added a strip of scrapbook paper.  To make the colors "pop", I hand stitched around three sides with black thread.  I love to add three-dimensional elements to my artwork so I adhered a small charm to the bottom using gel medium.  

Now that wasn't so complicated, was it?  Make a promise to yourself to try something new with your rubber stamping art - try your hand at mixed media.  Here are what I think are the three most important tips:

  1. Look to other crafts for non-traditional materials (i.e. sewing for thread, jewelry for charms, painting for canvas)
  2. Use materials in unexpected ways or in ways that the products are not intended or marketed for use.
  3. Play!  Experiment!  Have fun!

Now go mix your media!

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4 Responses »

  1. Love the ATC, great mixture and good article!
    thanks, Susan

  2. Christine-

    Nice article, I too was daunted by the term mixed media when I was a relatively new stamper. You have just demystified the concept for everyone.

    Sue T.

  3. I agree totally with your post and I love your atc!!!!

  4. I'm new to Stampers Quest. I really enjoyed this article. I never really new the meaning of mixed media. It just seemed to be a cedrtain look to me. Thanks for clarifying.