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Castaway Ink Pad Review


Jacquard’s Castaway Pad
By: Susan Wolf Caplan, Product Guru

Do you like the look of bleach on your artwork, but don’t like the odor?  Jacquard came out with an ingenious idea for a stamp pad a few years ago called the Castaway pad.  This pad is supposed to allow you to get the same bleached look without using bleach!  I can’t wait to give this pad a try.

The instructions state that this pad can be used on any paper, except coated.  Stamp the image, allow it to dry on the cardstock for 5 minutes, then iron away, on the cotton setting.  Different uncoated papers will yield different results.  Right up my alley, let the experimentation begin!

I stamped my solid leaf image on light sage cardstock, allowed for the drying time and then ironed away.  Huh?  Not much happened.  I got a very dull yellow leaf image that was barely noticeable.

 Ok, this time I would try with dark navy cardstock.  This time I stamped a second sheet did not allow for the drying time and heated with a heat tool.  Nothing.  I went back to my first navy cardstock which now had dried the allotted amount of time and ironed away.  This time I got a very faint, barely noticeable,   bleached image.  Not something that I would ever use in artwork, because I have to really strain to see the image.  I considered this unsuccessful.

Not to be beaten, I tried again on two other manufacturer’s cardstock.  This time I used green from Stampin' Up! and Dark Brown from Paper Trey. These two tries were even less successful than my previous attempts.  The image could not be seen.

I was beyond baffled at this point.  Did I get a bad stamp pad?  Was my pad sitting on a store shelf too long?  There is no expiration date on the pad but does it not work after a certain amount of time? 

I have yet to contact the company because I wanted this to be an honest product review.  These were my findings.  If any of you own this pad and have had success, I would love to hear from you.

I was so hoping to enjoy this product.  I have no samples for you, because the pad did not work.  Until I see different results with my own eyes I cannot recommend this pad. 

For this very reasons I give the Castaway pad an F.

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6 Responses »

  1. It's definitely hit and miss, but also depends on the cardstock you use. Try a little on a corner first. The 'bleaching' isn't always white either - on brown cardstock once, the castaway portion turned green: http://mamadinis.blogspot.com/2008/03/thinking-of-you.html

  2. Yep, a big disappointment for me too when it first came out. You have to use very cheap off brand paper to get good results, so not usually having that kind of paper around I sort of chalked it up to a wasted purchase.
    Trish G

  3. I also bought the Castaway pad and was disappointed. First, it's a pain to stamp an image, wait to let it dry, then dig out the iron to heat the image. Second, even when I went to all that trouble I had the same results as everyone else ~ lousy. Finally, I tried it a few times, then tossed it in the drawer never to be used again.

  4. I, too, bought the pad when it first came out with high hopes and great expectations, but I was also sadly disappointed.

  5. I also did not have any luck with this pad. It's a shame because the concept is great.

  6. I got the Castaway pad too a few years back when they first came out. Like you- I expected amazing results. Like you- disappointed.

    I ended up shoving it to the back of my ink drawer and got out my Ranger cut-n-dry felt pad and bleach for TRUE bleach look.

    Jacquard makes awesome paints and fabric dyes. That's what they need to stick with.

    just my humble opinion...

    Sue T.