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May Featured Artist, more conversation with Evelyn Spikes


This month we are continuing our conversation with Evelyn, and featuring another one of her wonderful creations - an altered slide mailer...

Stamping is my 'art of choice,' but I also play with altered items, as my slide mailer tutorial describes. A corner of a former tiny bedroom has grown into a mess of papers, inks, stamps, and everything else remotely connected to the crafting I love. I especially love color, and this choice of crafts provides me with unlimited opportunities. I tell people I prefer "pretty" to any other style, but I'm developing a fondness for grunge and vintage, as well. (If there's a choice, color and 'pretty' still win out, however!)

Because I'm retired, I am free to play just about as much as I want, any time that I want. I'm truly fortunate that way. My husband tries to understand what I do, and he is duly appreciative and supportive of my efforts. I have created with UTEE and the Melting Pot, beeswax, color washes, alcohol inks, microscope slides, and dominoes, to name a few. Most recently, I learned about using Fantasy Film to cover papier-mâché objects.

In late 2008, I was invited to become part of the Design Team for Technique Junkies, which has become my most frequent outlet. I consider that opportunity a real honor, and it makes me stretch in my creating. I also search out blogs that feature weekly challenges of some kind....again, it's a way to take myself beyond where I am now.

Each day, it's almost a compulsion to create something. How lucky I am to be able to do just what I want. I'm considering starting a blog for my creations and my photography, but for now, I have a Flickr gallery.

Check out Eveylyn's wonderful creativity! You will certainly be awed, and inspired.


"Girly" Altered Slide Mailer
By: Evelyn Spikes, Guest Artist

I am a crafter who acts on impulse much of the time.  When I start an original project, I am never certain where it's going to end.  This particular altered slide mailer is a good example:  I began with the idea of warm colors featuring "Mucha" women images.    As you can see, I am so far from that plan! 

Slide mailers are great fun to work with.  They come in one-, two-, and four-slide format.   And, microscope slides are not required.  However, those pieces of glass are wonderful features in the project. 


A 4-slide mailer with the center divider cut out, leaving slots on each side for slides.
2 microscope slides
Images for slides
Rubber Stamps and coordinating cardstock
Spray paints
Webbing spray
Paint box/booth if spray paints are used
Cover for work space (I use giant sports calendars printed by our local high school)


  1. Spray the outside of the mailer with the chosen color of spray paint.   When it's dry, turn it over and spray the inside with a contrasting or complementary color.  



  2. When I was looking at my choice of spray paints, there was that new can of lime/citron green.   It seemed a logical choice!  Then the blue was a natural.  (My husband and I had just painted our tiny original bathroom beautiful blue and white, and I chose citron for accent pieces.  It's a 'new' decorating combination.) 
  3. Originally, I wanted to use floral masks, but I realized that I needed stencils if I was going to have both colors show.   Among my collection of masks was this stencil by Heidi Swapp, which I used to apply the blue color to the lime cover.   A quick application of black webbing spray pulled it all together.




  4. Inside, I used the mask again, but to add lime to the blue.   The black webbing spray was used only on the upper part of the inside.  


  5. At this point, I knew that traditional images wouldn't work at all, so I found some more contemporary ones, in the form of rubber stamps.   Two Hearts in Touch stamps were selected for the slides, and I chose just the portion of the images I wanted on the slides, backing them with lime green cardstock.    Upbeat sentiment  stamps add to the overall theme.     One goes on the inside cover; the other fits into the cut-out portion between the two slides.




  6. For the cover, I chose a wonderful face from Third Coast, making this a perfect gift for a girlfriend.  



  7. Another slide mailer project didn't involve any slides, but featured a postcard of a traditional painting.  The mailer is painted with two colors of Lumiere.   Because the woman is smelling roses, I used roses in my stamped cover images and in my choice of sentiments. 



Either one of these would make a great gift for a good friend...much more than just a card.

Publisher's note:  Webbing spray paint is manufactured by Krylon and can be found in stores such as Wal-Mart or Michael's, in the paint section.


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  1. Aww. yes. and instructions, to boot.
    Thanks for the site again. I just don't see how you have time to do it all.
    You know, i even have some stencils..

  2. Evelyn, I love your art. You have many styles. Your work inspires me. I love your gothic themes too.
    Thank You for sharing this beautiful work.

  3. Wonderful mailer, Evelyn, and congrats on being featured again! 😉