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Dusting Can Be Fun?


Darlene Domel, in her 2008 DVD Color Conversations, shows how any stamper can become an expert at dusting and taping. Of course, the DVD (from StampLand Chicago) is all about stamping and not housework. Darlene herself says, "I am so not a domestic goddess."

The dusting in the DVD is all about color dusting, a technique Darlene has perfected over the years and demonstrates at stamp shows around the country. This DVD has step-by-step instructions on creating gradations, mosaics, stripes, grids, plaids, and shadow boxes using dye ink pads, color dusters (JudiKins) and Eclipse tape (JudiKins.)

Darlene's philosophy is to go back to the basic roots of rubber stamp art: color and image. These basics can be lost in the plethora of new products, tools, and supplies that have inundated the market. A return to simplicity breathes fresh life into this art form.

What sets Color Conversations apart is Darlene's personality, humor, and practicality. Watching this DVD is almost like having a stamping buddy over for an afternoon of art-play and perhaps tea and cake. There is nothing pretentious about Darlene. She may be the "Queen of Quick and Easy" but her teaching style is absolutely accessible to every stamper.

The entire DVD runs 89 minutes. It is easy to see what she is doing, so each step is visible and clear. The sound is clear, and Darlene's personality makes the whole learning process fun.

As the week progresses, Bea and I will share some of our creations using techniques from Color Conversations.  You'll see that it doesn't take long to learn that dusting CAN be fun!

Awaken your Muse!

Stephanie Loomis, Editor-in-Chief

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  1. I love the results, can hardly wait to see what you do with the technique

  2. Hi Elfrieda -

    You can go to http://www.stamplandchicago.com/ to purchase the DVD. Check out their awesome stamps, too!!!

  3. This sounds s-o-o fun!!!! Where can I get this DVD? I would love to purchase it!