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Celebrating May


April showers bring May flowers, or so the old cliche attests. The gentle season is in full glory, and it becomes a daily celebration. This month Stamper's Quest is dedicated to the joy of celebrations.

There are a number of reasons to celebrate in May; in my home two of my three daughters have birthdays and the end of the school year marks an annual high on our calendar. Of course, in the United States, May is the monthy we celebrate mothers as well.

I suppose then, it is no surprise I think of May as the month of the Woman. With the flowers in full bloom, the views around Atlanta are of cherry trees and dogwoods, columbine and azaleas. The trees bud in a bright, happy green---all colors associated with the female.

May is a time to consider the strong women of my past and the hope for my own daughters to become strong and wise women in their own time. My maternal grandmother graduated from Cal Berkeley with a double major in Latin and Astronomy-in the 1930s, when women typically didn't attend university at all. My great-grandmother took an 80 mile walk on a lark with a friend -in 1902 when most women her age thought finding a husband was life's only great adventure. The San Jose newspaper wrote, "Attired in short khaki skirts and blouses, with jaunty hats to match, revolvers strapped to their belts, two young girls strode into Pacific Grove Sunday evening, dusty and hungry, but bright-eyed and happy after a journey on foot all the way from San Jose..." Not exactly the Gibson girl picture common at the beginning of the 20th century!

My daughters, as young as they are, already show signs of being the bold adventurers their ancestors were. It's exciting (and a little scary) to be the mother of three strong and independent young women.

So, this month, I will celebrate women, particularly mothers. Mothers of days gone by and mothers who will be. Those who are mothers by genetics and those who are mothers by heart. Every woman deserves to be celebrated--because we are the mothers and nurturers and cheerleaders and adventurers of the world, no matter where we are.

Stephanie Loomis

Stamp credits: I Brake for Stamps & Hearts in Touch

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