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April Featured Company – I Brake for Stamps


This month we feature samples from I Brake for Stamps, a "Ma and Pa" rubber stamp internet company that began in 2004. Della and her husband operate the business on a full-time basis. They boast over 3,000 images to choose from.  Their stamps are excellent quality, deeply etched red rubber that you can order as cling foam mounted, or unmounted.  Orders are fulfilled extremely fast, with shipment generally within 24 to 48 hours, and sometimes as quick as the same day.

We asked Della how she and her husband came to start a rubber stamping business and this is what she said:

It was completely by accident. My grandma had broken her hip and needed care. Instead of having her stay at a nursing home, I volunteered. I needed to make a little money while taking care of her, so I decided to sell my old wood mounted stamps on eBay. I couldn't believe how well I was doing on eBay selling used stamps!  Once my stash ran out, I had my daughter draw me my first "fashion" images and made those into rubber. I continued to sell on eBay, doing quite well.

Designs Ink'd came up for sale, so we bought most of that line. I hired someone to put a website together. Down the road, we purchased Ink Blocks, The Merry Stamper, Rosebud and Time to Stamp. The rest is history.  We are also the exclusive distributor in the United States for Stampinback stamps. They are located in the Netherlands, and have a very nice line of images.

Grandma would have been very proud!

Check out I Brake for Stamps. We promise you will not be disappointed!  When we say they have images for everyone's style, we aren't kidding! 

Della is offering a special 15% discount for reader's of Stamper's Quest beginning April 27th through midnight, April 30th. You must enter the following coupon code when completing your order.


Thank you, Della!!

Ten of our Artistic Guides rose to the challenge Della dished out! She sent each designer a different set of themed stamps to see what they could design with them. Our feature will run through Thursday, April 3oth.  We hope you enjoy the art, and are inspired to create your own lovely designs with I Brake for Stamps rubber stamp images!

Today begins our feature with two designers, Christine Candora-Hickey and Shelly Newkirk, who each received images from the Humorous Seniors images. 

Christine's offerings:



S-H-O-P letters from River City Rubber Works


Christine received Half Sheet #045 for her challenge.

And from Shelly's studio:






For Shelly's challenge, she received Half Sheet #048.

Aren't these gals a hoot?!  We love 'em.

There are many, many more images in the Humorous Seniors section on I Brake for Stamps website.  You've just got to check them out.  We guarantee a laugh or two!  Don't forget to enter your coupon code when ordering to receive your 15% discount.

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  1. Too funny Elfrieda!

  2. Youre right, these are a HOOT! But maybe not to suitable to send to everyone on your list, even so I am a seasoned senior!!!
    I have another one that might fit here......... we're not aging; we're marinating~~! (suitable for those senior rv'ers)
    Then there is the one that goes............ I've reached the snapdragon age; part of me snaps, and the rest of me DRAGS!

  3. I agree! Della is one of the best I've ordered from - very responsive and quick to get orders out!

  4. Great feature! And Della is the best to deal with!