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Product Review – Sunday International EZ Mount

Sunday International EZ Mount
By: Susan Wolf Caplan, Product Guru

 When I started stamping in the 90’s, the wood mounted stamps were affordable.  As the years have passed the price of wood has increased, and as a result, the stamps mounted on them have begun to exceed stamper budgets. Many stampers now choose to purchase unmounted rubber stamps and opt to use affordable and reusable acrylic blocks.

The biggest question became, how does one temporarily adhere these rubber stamps to the acrylic?  I have used double sided tape on back of the rubber, which did not work well for me.  I need some sort of cushion to stamp the images clearly.  A few years ago, Sunday International came out with a perfect product called EZ Mount.  EZ mount is a mounting foam which has adhesive on one side and static cling on the other. This foam is attached permanently to your stamps but temporarily to your acrylic blocks. Since EZ Mount began production, no other temporary mounting system has managed to improve on it.

EZ Mount comes isn 8.5" x 11" sheets.  On one side of the sheet is covered with very clear and simple instructions.  This happens to be wonderful for people like me, who tend to misplace instructions that come with a product.


I cleaned off the smooth side of my rubber stamp and allowed it to dry as per the instructions.  I then peeled back the liner to reveal very sticky adhesive.  I placed my stamps onto the adhesive.  Easy so far.



The next step was to cut the newly mounted stamps out.  Now this process was not so easy, as my teflon coated scissors were sticking terribly to the adhesive.  I decided to try a trick I had learned, which is to coat the scissor blades with clear embossing ink.  No luck, the scissors were still getting stuck on the adhesive.  Not to be defeated, I thought of another trick I had learned:  dust talc onto the exposed adhesive. This makes the adhesive non sticky.  Well, this worked like a charm!  I was able to cut out my images with much less effort.



Once my images were cut out, I removed the liner from the back of the images to expose the static cling.  I then placed my stamp cling side down onto the acrylic block and I was now ready to stamp.  I inked up my image, and stamped it on my card stock. The image on my paper was clear and clean, and what’s more, the stamp did not budge from the block.



When I was finished with the image, I simply removed it from the block and cleaned the ink off it.   

 Next came the issue of storing the stamp.  Sunday International sells lightweight storage panels, designed to be placed in a 3-ring binder.  I have also used empty, clear  acrylic CD cases.  You can’t fit many in the cases if the stamps are large, but it  works.

If for some reason, the cling mounted stamp no longer clings to the acrylic blocks, simply wipe the cling side with water.  Once dry it should be ready to use.

EZ Mount has made the process of mounting my stamps quick and easy.  The cling works perfectly on my acrylic blocks.  The only downside to this product is that the adhesive is too sticky to cut easily, but it's nothing a little talc can take care of.

            I give this product an A-.





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  1. EZ Mount is a great product!! I have almost all of my wood mounted stamps onto the EZ mount! I love the fact that storage of my stamps is so much easier! As for cutting, I use my cutter Bee scissors and it gives a great cut and you don't have to use powder! Cleaning them is easy when you are finished using them for cutting the EZ Mount!!

  2. Three years ago my wife, Dee Gruenig, thought that 27 years of a stamping career was plenty. She loved stamping but was ready for many other things she wanted to do. Then Sunday International approached her and she saw the quality and value of EZ Mount. She saw that it could extend the life and excitement of stamping for others. so she simply changed direction and got the bug for stamping once more. She and I can attest to the honest quality and value of EZ Mount and of Sunday International's manufacturing methods and standards. That is why she allowed her name to be associated with it.

  3. I love the tip about using a hot knife to cut out the stamps. I have one around here some where. I will definitely give that a try. Thanks so much for posting and sharing.

  4. I have been using EZMount for the past 5-6 years. I tried all the lesser priced one and they don't even come close. EZMount is the ONLY mounting cushing I use!

  5. Goo Gone cleans the icky stuff really easy. However, I love the hot knife sold at Sunday International to cut my stamps out of the EZ-Mount. I am done in no time with that hot knife! Be careful, keep your fingers out of the way. It gets HOT!

  6. You can cut around your stamp with a hot knife. It cuts through EZ mount like butter and you get a closer cut. If gunk builds up on the hot knife, just wipe it on a paper towel.

  7. I use EZ mount and I love it. I'm replacing all my other sticky gooey mounting products with it.

  8. I wholeheartedly agree! All my unmounted rubber is on EZ Mount. I also use the talc trick. And just so people know, Sunday International also sells a thinner version of EZ Mount for mounting rubber that already has the cushion (like Stampin' Up stamps), for those who don't want to use wood handles. I do that sometimes, especially with two step SU stamps (easier to get good placement with acrylic block), and use the enclosed wood for other things.

  9. I use a hot stencil cutting knife, one with a curved tip. Do it just the way you would cut out a stencil. I work on a sheet of glass and hold the cutter perpendicular to the stamp edge and trace around. It goes through like a hot knife through butter. Much easier than scissors and I can leave just very small gaps between rubber stamps so get more out of the sheet as well. Just keep some paper towel handy to wipe any gunge off the tip as you go along, and be careful not to burn yourself. 🙂 I use an old glass jar to put the cutter in when not actually cutting to protect any surfaces.



  10. I have been using EZ Mount for about 6 months, and love it. What I save buying un-mounted stamps, more than pays for the EZ mount and I have some left over. Storage is so easy now.

    Loved your tip on using the talc to help cut out the images.