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Happy Place Frame for the Inventor


Happy Place Canvas Frame
By: Melanie Smith, Artistic Guide

This is not a hard project and doesn't require any special equipment or products but with some time and careful cutting, produces a stunning 3D canvas frame that will really grab attention.

Having played with these papers and stamps I wanted to make something fun and pretty.  My original idea didn't work out too well so I played with it a little and created this fresh and funky canvas frame.  I love how the bright vibrant colours draw your eye into the centre.  I think it would also be nice with an inspirational saying placed within the purple frame.  Go and check out my discoverer project for the details on colouring the flowers.

Finished size: 8" x 8"

Flowers acrylic stamps - (Luxe designs)
Color Me... Happy - (Luxe designs)
Smooth White uncoated light-weight cardstock
Black Archival ink pad - (Ranger)
Other :
Coloured pencils  -  I have used a mixture of Prismacolor (Prismacolor©), Aquarelle (Faber Castell), and Inktense (Derwent)
Artist's oil painting odourless solvent (Art Spectrum - Australia)
Paper stumps
Acrylic paint, Lime Green and Violet - (Semco)
8" x 8" canvas
Matt-board (9" x 9")
Chipboard frame from a cheap set of embellishments (Unknown)
A photograph the same size as the frame (4" x 6")
Double sided tape and foam tape
White pencil


  1. Paint your canvas with the violet paint and set aside to dry.
  2. melanieapril09inventor02

  3. Using the archival ink, stamp and colour your images onto the smooth white cardstock.  HINT: I have done whole pages but only used three of the images - the rest I have kept for embellishing cards later.
  4. melanieapril09inventor03

  5. Partially colour all of your images.
  6. melanieapril09inventor04

  7. From the 12" x 12" color-me paper, trim an 8" x 8" piece.  Colour around the edges and in the centres of the flowers (as you choose) leaving plenty of white space for shading.
  8. Use the paper stump and odourless solvent to blend the colours on the color-me paper and the stamped card.
  9. melanieapril09inventor05

  10. Trim the color-me paper to the same shape as the canvas frame.
  11. My canvas was not square so I laid the paper on top of the canvas and marked where I wanted my corners to be. (When placed on a grid (after cutting) one corner was over 0.25" out from square.  This is not something I usually cope with - so by laying everything over the canvas base and matching to that it will look better when finished.
  12. On the back of the canvas mark which edge you have used as the top.
  13. Lay the color-me paper (right side up) over a piece of matt board and using a white pencil (so as not to mark your paper) trace around the edge.  Following the white lines, cut the matt-board with a blade and ruler.
  14. Mark the inside of the frame about .625" (15mm) from the edge and cut carefully with blade and ruler to make a frame - I used many (8ish) soft cuts to keep control of the cutting - being sure not to move my ruler.
  15. melanieapril09inventor06

  16. Mark on the back of the frame which edge you have used as the top.
  17. melanieapril09inventor07

  18. Paint the frame lime green - and set aside to dry.
  19. Use double-sided tape to attach the color-me paper to the canvas.
  20. Place two strips of foam tape about 1.5" long onto each corner of the lime green frame and attach to the canvas.
  21. melanieapril09inventor08

  22. Cut out the flowers from the white card.  Using a variety of double-sided tape and foam tape, attach to the green frame.  Some of the leaves can be attached under the green frame.
  23. melanieapril09inventor09

  24. Sand the front of the  chipboard frame to remove any pictures, remove the original foam tape.
  25. Paint the front with the voilet paint - set aside to dry.
  26. melanieapril09inventor10

  27. Use long strips of foam tape along three sides of the frame.
  28. Trim your picture to fit nicely within the frame.
  29. Attach the frame carefully on to the canvas and slip your photo in the side without tape.
  30. melanieapril09inventor01

  31. Voila!  A gorgeous canvas frame to brighten any room.

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