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Bathroom Supply Backgrounds for the Adventurer



Adventures With a Bathroom Supply
By: Bea Rosenleaf, Artistic Guide 

In the Discoverer project we learned how to use cheap wax paper as a way to create resist backgrounds. Did you enjoy learning that technique?  If you did, you will love the Adventurer project even better!  This technique uses a cheap product found in the bathroom, which will literally create hundreds of backgrounds from one can for just pennies! I'm all about "cheap" in these economically challenging times! Intrigued?  Read on! 

Re-inkers, dye ink or pigment ink, any brand. I used Kaleidacolor Re-inkers (Tsukineko):
     #31, Flamingo
     #33, Cherry Pink
     #35, Wisteria
     #37, Celeste Blue    
     #39, Nile Green
8.5" x 11" Matte White or Cream color cardstock (Staples), cut into 4 equal pieces
Shaving cream - Barbasol is the best, it's cheap and it smells good, too!
Old credit card, or one of the 'fake' cards sent in the mail
Container large enough for cardstock to fit in and allow for room to work
Stick to marble the inks (I use a wooded skewer found at the Dollar Store)
Paper towels
Craft sheet (Ranger) or something to protect work surface


Notes:  I use the Styrofoam trays and plastic containers the grocery stores use to package meat in for my container.  Go green, re-use!  Do not use the gel-type shaving creams. They do not work well for this technique.  The old fashion shaving cream is the best, and the cheapest!  I think I paid $1.60 for a can of Barbasol at our local big-box store.
If you don't like ink stains on your hands, grab a pair of protective gloves! This is a messy technique, so be sure to cover the work surface. You may want to wear protective clothing, such as an apron or work shirt, also.


  1. Shake the shaving cream well. Fill container with a good layer.  Use stick to even out the shaving cream. 
  2. beaadventurer2large

  3. Select at least two or three coordinating re-inker colors. I have used up to four colors, but don't go beyond that or the colors will not blend well.  Begin with one color and drop the ink onto the shaving cream.  Continue with the rest of the colors so the shaving cream looks like the following photos. 
  4. beaadventurer3large

    Drop Color 1 Randomly


    Add Color 2


    Add Color 3 and Marble with Stick

  5. Using the stick, swirl the inks around.  Don't over-mix or you will end up with muddied colors.  I go back and forth and up and down, or in circular, swirling pattern until it looks good. 
  6. beaadventurer5blarge

  7. Take a piece of cardstock and lay it down on top of the shaving cream, then 'smoosh' it in to the shaving cream - make sure you don't push too deeply. You want the paper to sit on top of the shaving cream just deep enough to cover the surface of the paper. 
  8. beaadventurer6large


  9. Lift up one corner of the cardstock and carefully peel back from the shaving cream. Shaving cream will remain on the surface. If some of the cardstock is not covered with the shaving cream, gently place it back into the inks and push down in the area not covered. Lift up. 
  10. Use the credit card to squeegee off the shaving cream. I scrape it off into the garbage can (lined with a garbage sack).  This will make your craft room/area smell oh so good! 
  11. Take a paper towel and gently rub off any remaining shaving cream from the cardstock.  
  12. Wow! What a gorgeous background you just created! 
  13. beaadventurer8large

  14. Clean up is simple. Just wash out in the sink! 

If you are careful, you can get as many as five or six backgrounds out of one container of inked shaving cream. Each piece will take on a different pattern, and the colors generally will lighten with each piece.  Watch the colors, if they start to muddy, throw the batch away and start fresh. 

This is another background technique where you can spend several hours making batches of backgrounds for future cards, saving time because you don't have to pull out the supplies every time you want a unique background for a card! Have fun with different color combinations and different marbling patterns. 

I love this technique because it's messy, it's fun, and each and every background creates its own personality!

I thought I would play with a different surface other than cardstock. I had a 5" x 7" canvas sitting around collecting dust (a find when cleaning and re-organizing) and wondered what would happen if I tried the shaving cream technique on it.  The colors didn't come out as vibrant - more soft and dreamy looking. I love it and think I may use it for a cover of a book.


Place the canvas into the shaving cream and push it down .


Lift off and squeegee the shaving cream off. Remove
remaining shaving cream with paper towel.


And it is what the canvas looks like!



 Sure to Brighten the Day
By: Bea Rosenleaf, Artistic Guide

Finished Card: 4.25" x 5.5"

Thinking of You (Dream Impressions)
Fanciful Flowers (The Angel Company)
1 piece 8.5" x 11" Purple cardstock cut to(Bazzill):
     cut in half (5.5" x 8.5"), use one half for card base folded to 4.25" x 5.5"
     From remaining half, cut a piece about 1.25" x 4.25"
Scrap of Hot Pink (Unknown), 1.75" x 3.5"
Scrap of Yellow-Orange cardstock (Unknown), 1.25" x 3.25"
Scrap of White cardstock 1.5" x 2.75"
Piece of Shaving Cream background, cut to 3.75" x 5"

Palette ink pads (Stewart Superior):
     French Lilac
     Paris Lights
Cuttle Bug (Provo Craft)
Stylized Flowers Cuttle Bug embossing folder (Provo Craft)
Paper cutter/trimmer
Adhesive of choice


  1. Cut all pieces of cardstock to sizes indicated above, and prepare the card base.
  2. Place the hot pink cardstock in the embossing folder and run through the Cuttle Bug. Layer onto the shaving cream background piece.
  3. Layer the yellow-orange piece of cardstock on top and to the right of the Hot Pink cardstock.
  4. Attach assemblage to the card front.
  5. Ink the flower with French Lilac ink on the petals and Paris Lights on the middle of the flower. Stamp onto the white piece of cardstock.  Ink the stem and leaves with Chartreuse ink and stamp below the flower.
  6. Distress edges with French Lilac. Let dry.
  7. Take strip of Purple cardstock and tear both edges. Adhere about in the middle of the card. 
  8. Adhere the flower as shown in the photo.
  9. Stamps 'Thinking of you' with French Lilac.
  10. Sign your name and send to someone who needs a cheerful note!

Here's another card done with the color combination used for the Shaving Cream Background technique directions:


Stamps By: Sweet Grass Stamps,
Hot Off the Press & The Angel Company




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