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Sweet Grass Stamps, End of the Trip

This is our last article featuring the stamps of Sweet Grass Stamps. The team thoroughly enjoyed creating samples for Barbara, and for you, showcasing Barbara's stamps.  Sweet Grass Stamps are deeply etched, red rubber stamps, of excellent quality.  They come both mounted and unmounted. You can find Sweet Grass Stamps at the home of The Rubber Stamp Shack. Check the site out and browse through the diverse selection of stamps. There is something for everyone!

Enjoy today's trail of samples and this wrap-up of our interview with Barbara.

Q: Barbara, what inspires you when creating images for your stamps?

Barbara:  I generally have several different ideas for themed designs swirling in the murky depths of my mind, and settle on the one that comes to the surface most frequently as the one I should do next.  Once I choose a theme, I immerse myself in it, gathering hundreds of different images and designs and just playing around until I come up with what seems to fit together.  I use a mix of copyright-free clipart and my own drawings for the designs.  The Happy Girl stamp on the Chaos sheet is from a photo of my daughter.

Q: Where are the Sweet Grass Stamps produced?

Barbara:  I don't have a separate studio yet, but am spread throughout the house; my computer and paperwork is in the dining room, my studio for playing is in a corner of my bedroom, another bedroom corner is stacked with tubs of stamp sheets, and my packing table is in the upstairs hallway along with the rest of the inventory.  There are often stamps in various stages, in preparation for mounting, on my living room coffee table, where I can watch movies while spending hours cutting rubber.  Fortunately I have a very understanding and supportive husband.  My dream is to someday have my own studio, or at least a larger house!


The Sweet Grass Stamp "Shop"

Creating with Barbara's images has been fun for the whole Stamper's Quest team and we all know that YOU'LL love playing with them too!

Today's samples are from our Artistic Guides, Bea Rosenleaf andLisa Heusler. They feature stamps from the Nature, Japanese, Silhouette and Christmas collections.

From the creative mind of Lisa Heusler:


Decorating the Tree
Other Stamps: Stampin' Up!


Decorating the Tree
Other Stamps: Stampin' Up!


Valentine Silhouette with Flowers, large
Other Stamps: Stampin' Up!


Bronco Horse Silhouette, large


Girl with Horn, Drummer Boy, & Goat Cart Silhouettes
all small images

And from the studio of Bea Rosenleaf:


Bronco Horse Silhouette, small
Other Stamps: Inque Boutique & The Angel Company
Keychain made from a Formica Chip


Sharing Silhouette, small
Other Stamps: Art Impressions


Drummer Boy & Girl With Horn Silhouettes, large
Other Stamps: Hot Off the Press


Dragonflies in the Grass
Other Stamps: The Angel Company


Dragonflies in the Grass
Other Stamps: Cloud Nine by Fiskars


Plum Branch
Other Stamps: Hot Off the Press


Plum Branch
Other Stamps: Hot Off the Press


Dragonflies in the Grass
Pendant created with shrink plastic

We hope you've enjoyed meandering this trail of  sample projects using  Sweet Grass Stamps as much as we've enjoyed showing the sights to you. Do check out Barbara's website; the quality and variety of her stamps will inspire you!

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