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The studio is clean and orderly. Yay!  As promised, here's the first project I made after finishing up the room.  I found embellishments I forgot I had!  And I finally dusted off the new Cricut Expressions my hubby bought for me a year ago and gave it a good work-out! 

This project was created for our local stamp club project this month. The majority of the ladies have Cricuts, but are intimidated with their machines. They wanted to do some projects so they could learn how to use their 'bugs.' I didn't have enough embellishments (square brads) to go around, so we improvised. See what we did.


Family Scrap Page
By: Bea Rosenleaf, Artistic Guide

My Journey, T-2617 (The Angel Company)
1 sheet 12" x 12" William Wordsworth Daffodils (Scrapdashery)
1 sheet 12" x 12"  Pink cardstock (unknown)
1 piece Jacaranda blue cardstock (Bazzill)
1 piece of Brown cardstock for tree trunk (Bazzill)
1 piece of Black cardstock for title (unknown)
Scraps of green paper, one plain, one with print (unknown)
Scraps of pink cardstock (unknown)
Palette Noir  ink pad (Stewart Superior)
Adirondack Meadow green dye ink pad (Ranger)
Adirondack Expresso brown dye ink pad (Ranger)
1 sheet heat resistant Tranparency (Office Supply Store)
Cricut Expressions (Bug will work also) (Provo Craft)
Cricut Cartridges: (Provo Craft)
     Home Accents
     Plantin School Book
     Stretch Your Imagination
3 large (.5") green square brads (unknown)
Gold Dots (Stampendous)
4 Gold nailheads, stick-on type (unknown)
Glimmer Chalks
Paper cutter with Deckle-edge cutter (I used Carl brand, but scissors would
    work, also, or any paper cutter with the fancy edge cutters.)
Computer and printer
Quote Unquote Volume 1 (Autumn Leaves)
Zots small clear adhesive dots (Therm O Web)
Adhesive of Choice (I use an ATG by 3-M
Zig Memory System 2-Way Glue pen (Kuretake Co., Ltd.) or a
Quickie Glue Pen (Sakura)
Craft Knife (Exact-o)
Self-Healing Mat (Fiskars)


  1. Type the quote you want to use using a word processing program. Play with several fonts and placement until you are pleased with the look. Print out on a piece of text paper and cut to fit the area on the page.  If it fits, and you are satisfied with the look, print the quote on the transparency.  Make sure you let it dry well.  You can heat set with a heat embossing tool, but be very careful not to get the tool too close or you will overheat the transparency and it will warp.  Keep the quote printed on the text paper. You will use this in a little bit.
  2. Print out the photos you want to use. The large photo on this page is 6" x 4". The smaller one is 3.5" x 5" and then cut down to a smaller size to fit the layout.
  3. Cut the Daffodil print paper to 8" x 6" with a deckle-edged paper cutter or scissors. Cut a piece of blue cardstock to 4" x 11.5".  Layer these two together as shown in the photo. Attach the large photo to this. Tear the bottom edge of the blue cardstock.
  4. Take the gold dots and adhere one to each of the green brads. Attach the brads to the blue cardstock on the left side of the large photo. If you do not have square brads, or brads this size, don't give up!  Make your own 'faux' brads!  Using the Cricut, install the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge. Lay a scrap of green cardstock on the mat. Select the square image (shift heart). Set cut size to .5" and cut 3 squares.  Attach the gold dots to the middle of these squares. Adhere with a glue dot as described above.


  5. Attach the layers to the pink page, following placement in the finished photo.
  6. Install Stretch Your Imagination cartridge in the Cricut. Set cut size to 6".  Select the tree image. Lay the brown paper on the mat, insert the paper and press cut.
  7. Using a piece of the Daffodil print paper, cut out 3 sets of leaves for the tree. The paper is double sided, so you will want to cut 2 sets on the greener side and 1 set on the brown side. To do this, select layers on the Creative Features, then select the tree image again. If you have the Expressions machine, you can set the quantity at 2 for the green sets. For the little 'Bug', just hit the tree image twice. Now turn the paper over on the mat and cut out one set of brown leaves.
  8. Distress the edges of the tree and the trunk with the Expresso ink pad. Stamp the words: Grow, Bloom, Laugh, Celebrate!, Appreciate and Enjoy! on the branches and trunk of the tree.  Attach the green leaves to the tree with either a glue dot or a glue pen.
  9. Install the Plantin SchoolBook cartridge in the Cricut. Set to 2". Select Shift and then the Cityscape key. This will cut the grass image. Layer the plain green paper on the mat, insert into the Cricut and hit Cut. 
  10. Remove the green paper and layer the green print paper on the matt.  Change the size to 1.5", repeat the cut sequence.
  11. Cut the two grass pieces in half. Distress the edges of the plain green grass with the Meadow ink pad. Attach to the page.  Attach the tree over the grass. Distress the print grass with the Meadow ink and then layer it over the tree, lining up the edges of the grass pieces together.
  12. Take the quote printed on the text weight paper and cut around the words 'Family' and 'Present' with a craft knive. Layer the transparency over the 'template and position on the page. Lift the transparency off and using the green and blue chalks, fill in the spaces where the words were cut out. Lift off the template, blow off any loose chalk. Attach glue dots to the corners of the transparency and attach the transparency over the chalked areas, lining up the words with the chalked areas.  Attach the gold nailheads on the transparency over the glue dots to hide them.


  13. Take the 2 remaining sets of leaves and attach to the page like they are falling off the tree into a pile of leaves on the ground.  Use both sides to get different color leaves (wouldn't this be pretty using fall colors?).


  14. Install the Home Decor cartridge into the Cricut.  Set the cut size to 2.5". Select the Shadow Creative Feature, then select the Family key. Using black cardstock, cut out the shadow layer.  Do not change the size for the next cuts! Now select the Blackout Creative Feature and the Family key once again. Using the blue cardstock, cut out this layer.  For the top layer, press Shift then the Family key.  Cut this out with the pink cardstock.
  15. Layer the three together using the glue pen (or if you have a Xyron machine, you can make them into stickers and stick them together).  Attach the title to the page as shown.  Embellish as desired. I used more of the gold dots used on the brads.


  16. Cut a mat for the smaller photo by an additional .5" on both the length and width of the photo. Layer photo and attach to the page.

Sign your work!  Insert into an album, or for a nice gift, insert into a frame to display on the wall.  My son and daughter-in-law just completed their addition on their house and I gave this to them to display in their new bedroom.

Don't have a Cricut?  That's okay, you can still create a page like this one using other diecut systems. Or visit your local craft store and see what kinds of pre-cut diecut images they have. I would venture to bet you will find a tree of some sort! 

Most of this page was created with scraps of paper I found while re-organizing my studio, along with the embellishments.  I forgot I had the gold stickers, nailheads, chalks, and glue pens. 

What can you create with found treasures in your craft room?



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  1. Thanks Robin. It was a fun project and the kids love it. Instead of hanging it in their new bedroom, they have it hanging in the living room along with the photo I did of their daughter when we were in Oregon last summer.

    By the way, the photos of the new and improved craft room were in this post:


    The first four photos show the disaster area. The rest of the photos show my re-organization.

    Hugs to ya!<

  2. Wow nice work Bea ... You are always awesome.
    I was hoping to see the nice clean studio though. LOL
    Cyber Hugs

  3. Thanks Cyn. Glad you enjoyed the photos! So do you have a Cricut already? And if you do, have you used it? If not, I challenge you to give it a try and share with us what you created!

  4. Wow the photos are worth a thousand words... but I am glad you took the time to explain this.. Every little bit of info helps... very nice. I too have to do things the old school way.. more reason to look into the Cricut.. thanks and happy Stamp~y cynD