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New Artistic Guide on the Trail!


We are so excited to welcome our newest member of the design team and introduce her to you!

By day, Sue Trembeth is a meek and mild Center Director for a busy outpatient endoscopy unit. By night, though, look out! She becomes 'Sue the Stamper!'  She began stamping 13 years ago, and for the past 10 has taught at local stamp stores and stamp conventions. She owns her own teaching business called the Creative Studio.

Sue is a published artist appearing in the Rubber Stamper, Crafts-n-Things, and Somerset Studio's Material Visions, where she has an art quilt featured. She is also Ranger certified in inks and embossing powders. So, you know whom to  ask those tough questions pertaining to inks and embossing powders!

Sue lives with her husband, George, who encourages her artistic endeavors and "tells the truth" about her art, along with their three cats, just outside of Philadelphia in Narberth, Pennsylvania. 

Sue says that while she will go outside the box and create a variety of projects, her favorite pursuit is creating cards and playing with inks.  

Sue shared three projects with her application for a position on our design team, and we would like to share them with you. She tells us  several people have told her she has a unique style, but she doesn't see it.  We agree. Yes, Sue, you do have a unique style, and we love it! Can you see her style? 

Sue's motto is:  "Stamp EVERY DAY and try EVERYTHING!" 

 Be watching for her first Artistic Guide projects in June.  Until then you can check out her sketch cards beginning with the March sketch.



Make Every Day....
By: Sue Trembeth, Artistic Guide

Finished Size:  4.25" x 5.5"

Row Houses, N182 (Stampendous)
Every day to Remember,  C3310 (Hero Arts)
Cream cardstock 8.5" x 5.5", folded in half. This is your base card.
Acetate,  cut to 4" x 2.5"
Red cardstock, cut to 4.25" x 2.75" inches
Green textured cardstock, cut to  4" x 5.25"
Acrylic paint #23875, Honeydew (Making Memories)
StazOn Black ink (Tsukineko)
Colored pencils
Foam tape
Foam Brush


  1. Brush the acrylic paint across the acetate with a foam brush. You do not need to be perfect. You just need a swath of color. Let dry.
  2. Stamp the row house stamp on top of the dry paint on your piece of acetate with the black StazOn ink. Make sure you stamp on the actual painted side. This will give you the tooth you need to color the houses.
  3. Gently color the houses with your colored pencils. It helps if your colored pencils are not freshly sharpened. They should have a dull point.
  4. Adhere the green card stock to your folded cream card.
  5. Place the foam tape on the back of the acetate piece where it will not show. Attach this piece to the red card stock.
  6. Adhere the red card stock to the green piece.
  7. Stamp the saying in the lower right corner with the StazOn black ink.

Other artwork by Sue that we thought you would enjoy:



 Sue, we are happy to have you on the Trail helping us pursuing our artistic grails!


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  1. For all of you new to the Sue T fan club, I can attest to all the nice things said about her. I know most of the people above and can assure you that Sue couldn't afford to pay them off!! These people don't come cheap. (LOL) They are telling the truth. She is amazingly talented. (If Sue is reading this, she is blushing...right about... now!) I am so very happy she is willing to share her creativity and talent with us. She is a great teacher and will be a terrific guide. (Sue is really blushing now.) 🙂 Great work, Sue. Congrats!!!


  2. I too have taken many classes with Sue T. She is the best teacher I ahve had. She makes the most dificult techniques simple to follow. She is also a very fun person to be with. I am looking forward to June! Have fun Sue T, I know you will!

  3. Thanks Grace!

    Keep returning to the Quest and I am sure you will find lots of wonderful and inspiring art.

    Sue T. who is off to her studio to stamp some more

  4. So proud to see your creativity blossom to help the rest of us. Keep on stampin!!

  5. I guess you all noticed by now- I have paid those last 2 people to say nice things about me!!

    ONLY KIDDING!! Thanks guys for all the kind words.

    Keep coming back for great art and instruction from all the guides here at the Quest!!

    Sue T.

  6. I have taken many many many classes from Sue T over the years. She always comes up with new creative ideas and she is a fantastic teacher. She always provided step by step instructions that were easy to follow. I'm looking forward to June when Sue t guides all on what I know will be a fun, creative trail.

  7. Over the years, I have taken classes with Sue, worked at a stamp store with her, and occasionally had her as a student in my own classes, and I just wanted to say that she will be a great asset to the magazine! Sue, I'm so glad you're doing this -- it's our gain.


  8. to everyone-
    Thanks for the comments- I have to laugh if my staff ever saw the words "meek and mild" in front of my name they would die laughing!!

    But off hours I am definitely Sue T the stamper!! I am just taking a few minutes break working on Aprils card sketch. I hope to see some of stuff from you all too!!

    I am happy to be your guide to this wonderful, crazy, and addictive art.

    Sue T.

  9. Sue you are my kind of gal... Love your motto. Do it all is the best.! glad you are here lookinforward to seeing more. Happy stamp~y cynD

  10. I made a boo boo..twisted fingers..meant to say love the
    bad bad key board


  11. I can hardly wait to try your technique
    I loethe row houses and using the acetate paper
    looking forward to seeing lots more of yur art


  12. Thanks Melanie- i hope I am not just a "one hit wonder" !!

    Sue T.

  13. Beautiful cards! I love your stamping style. I'm going to give this a try today. I look forward to more of your projects.

  14. Welcome Sue - these projects are very cool! [thoughtful pause] Very Cool! I look forward to seeing more.