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Michael’s Basic Stampscapes Tutorial


Michael's Stampscapes Tutorial
By: Michael A. Trent, Artistic Guide 

I received many comments about the projects I made using my Stampscapes stamps and several people asked me to explain how I made the scenes.  After discussing it with Stephanie and Bea, they suggested I put together a tutorial.    

Although I have loved, and have been in awe of cards made with Stampscapes, I was always afraid to pick them up, not really understanding how these detailed scenes were accomplished.  A few months ago I had the privilege of taking a class at The Ink Pad, my local stamp store here in New York City, given by the very talented Estrella Bianchi.  Everything I learned that night, I now pass on to all of you.  This is really a very easy and basic technique to get you started.  

Finished card size: 6.5" x 5"

Stamps: (All Stampscapes)  
Country Stream Lg., Single Pine, Dual Pines (from Nature Sheet 1)
Canoe  & Fly Line, 232C
Glossy craft paper (Ranger)
Vibrant Primary Big & Juicy Raised Felt Pad (Ranger)
StazOn Jet Black (Tsukineko)
6" Brayer (Speedball)
Antistatic bag 

Important Tips: 

Try not to touch the top of your glossy paper.  The oils on your hands and fingertips can adhere to the paper leaving marks on your work.  Try to lift the paper from the edges. 

If you have never used a brayer, I suggest practicing on scrap paper before using your glossy paper.  You will need to brayer back and forth several times to get a really good color background.


  1. Lay your glossy paper on some scrap paper.  Rub an antistatic pad back and forth across the glossy paper to remove any static from the surface.
  2. Roll the brayer back and forth over the ink pad, and then roll it back and forth over the glossy paper.  You will need to do this several times so the inks blend on the paper.  (Images 1 and 2).  Don't worry if you see some lines in the color or small smudges.  They will disappear once you start to put down the images. (Image 3)
  3. stampscapes-basic-image-1-large

    Ink up brayer.


    Roll across glossy paper several times.


    Surface should look like this.

  4. Stamp Country Stream Lg. with StazOn and, finding the center or horizon of the scene, stamp this as your main image. 
  5. stampscapes-basic-image-4-large

  6. Stamp Single Pine with StazOn on the left side of scene.  Then stamp Dual Pines on the right side of scene.  This will give the scene some depth and balance.
  7. stampscapes-basic-image-5-large

    Stamp single pine.


    Stamp dual pines.

  8. Stamp Canoe & Fly Line with StazOn and apply image in center of stream. 
  9. stampscapes-basic-image-7-large

  10. You have now completed your first basic Stampscapes scene.  Layer the scene on cardstock and adhere to card front. 
  11. stampscapes-main-image-large

  12. Sign your work!! 

Please make sure to check out www.stampscapes.com for numerous other tutorials and samples.  Kevin has put together a wonderful site, filled with hundreds of samples, and numerous step-by-step techniques.  He wants you to love and use these stamps as much as he does.

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  1. Today was my first introduction to Stampscapes...... I bought all the tools, and am anxious to try out my acquisition! My first attempt turned out quite nicely in my opinion! Will be checking out all your tutorials!

  2. I had the honor of taking a class taught by Kevin (of Stampscapes), several years ago, and honestly, using his stamps and techniques opened up a whole new world to me. Thanks for this fabulous and easy demo. You did a great job!

  3. I too have been afraid to even begin a stampscapes- scene. thank you Michael for the great tutorial - you make it easier- still daunting but easier!

  4. It's beautiful! Love it.


  5. Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments!! Especially Kevin. It's great to know that some of you are going to give these great stamps a try. Wait until you see the great scenes you can make. It's addictive. Please share your work with us. Working on another tutorial too.....


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  7. Have tried this out on ATC size - where do I post my images?

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    Thanks so much for the nice instructions!


  11. Awesome tutorial and you expained it perfectly. I, too was intimidated by the wonderful Stampscape line of images but after my first attempt, I discovered that they were much easier to use than I had imagined. That is a neat layout. Thanks so much.

  12. Good job , beautiful and thank you for sharing....Joe

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    Thank you for sharing


  14. Michael, this is wonderful. I, too, have had classes but you make it so simple. I am forwarding this to my friend who has not had classes. Am anxious to hear how she does. She has her own stamp room so she can get right to it. I live in an RV so have to get everything out before I can stamp. Thanks so much for the tutorial.

  15. Fantastic Michael! I am so scared to do these well not scared but they always end up looking like YUK cause I am seriously brayer challenged LOL! My friends Toby & Fran go to the Ink Pad too I wonder if you all know each other?

  16. This is gorgoeus, Michael! Lovely tutorial with great instructions.

  17. How beautiful! Very clear tutorial. Thanks, Michael.