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I know I am in good company when I tell you that I am BUSY! Life just moves along at the speed of light, and before I can catch my breath, something new is happening.  It seems like just a day ago when we welcomed in 2009, and it is already March! What happened to January and February, anyway?

I think that when life gets crazy busy we need to take a moment and encourage someone else. There's something about taking our focus away from our needs and schedules and doing something kind that fills the soul. I have a friend who once talked about having "in-grown eyeballs"--meaning she spent so much of her time focused on her own needs/wants/life events that she missed out on some of the really GOOD things. I suspect many of us could say the same.

Today is a good time to reconsider the "RAK" or Random Act of Kindness. I know some groups have RAK lists and even "DAKs" (Directed Acts of Kindness), but wouldn't it be fun to send something to someone NOT on a list somewhere? Just a note or a card sent to a unsuspecting acquaintance for no other reason than "just because?"  Each of us can find 5 minutes somewhere in the course of a month to jot a quick note and pop it in the post. (Yes, postage is getting spendy, but when you consider all that happens for a letter to go thousands of miles in a couple of days, it's still a pretty good value.) If every SQ reader sent just ONE card to someone, that would make for a lot of goodwill, and an opportunity to bring joy to someone whose life is just as busy as ours.

If you need ideas for your RAK this month, take a look at the marvelous work SQ designers did this month! The theme was "textures" and the interpretations of that theme are phenomenal. Lisa, Marcia, and Kitte out-did themselves (and I participated this month, too.)  As usual, the team wrote up great directions for each project so that all readers can adapt the ideas and techniques for their own artwork. Please share your art with us; we love to see what our readers create!

There are some fun things planned for the rest of the month as well: a new sketch, a featured vendor, and some bonus techniques just to inspire you. It's all GOOD stuff on the trail!

Awaken your Muse!
Stephanie Loomis, Editor-in-Chief

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  1. Thanks for sharing your story, Cyn....doesn't it feel great to give?

  2. This is Oh so true for me the ingrown - eyeballs that is. And RAK's you are looking in side my head.. For Lent season many faiths suggest the fasting of a food item or a bad habit. I too am one of thoes. However I was nuged by the Holy Spirit not only to give up something but to give something as well. That something was 2 to 3 RAK's a week through the Lent season. How good it makes me feel to send a card out just to say hey I am thinking of you; and to prayerfully give thoes cards and stamps to the Glory of God and blessing to others, that they may feel important to me for even a few moments. I tend to like to send notes to cousins I only see or write a few times a year, I sent a card to a neice who IM'ed me, sheis 9 years old, and some of my mother's friends that miss her as much as I do. ( she died Nov 07) . Of course I have some Friends that need cards too, many are RAC friends. I am not the best card maker, however I have an amazing bunch of people; of whom are all precious to me, and thoes treasures need to be reminded that I think of them. Giving is a is such a great feeling and making sure you take the time to make and give. How good is that? I have sent two out I best get that cleaned up and get making some more.. bkessings to you all... cyn